How To Apply Color Psychology To Your Interior Designs

May 19, 2022

Colors play a key role in delivering information nonverbally. They act as powerful communication tools. Different colors can drastically affect your mood, feelings, and emotions to a different extent and can further trigger physiological reactions. This is known as color psychology.

Interior designers use color psychology schemes to a great extent. They determine the kind of atmosphere their client wishes to create and play with colors to achieve the desired look. It is important you design your home and consult an interior designer to choose colors that suit your personality.

Warm colors like red, orange and yellow evoke strong emotions of love, happiness, anger, and energy. Colors like green, blue and purple are categorized as cool colors. Cool colors have a calm, soothing effect, symbolizing harmony, peace, and stability.

According to Andrew Gaugler, a contractor (Best of Machinery), “since you spend hours in your house every day, you should take the psychology of colors into account for your own benefit.”

In this article, we will help you design your house with the effect of color physiology schemes.


Role of Warm Colors


As interior designer Chris Alexakis (Cabinet Select) explains, red is famous for its bold and powerful emotions. The darker shades of red like maroon and burgundy are more appealing to one’s eye and signal positive emotions of love, warmth, and comfort.

It is ideal to use it in offices or living areas where you need to create a high-energy atmosphere but remember to balance it off with some other neutral color such as White.

Don’t overdo this color by painting all the walls red. Instead painting one wall and adding a burgundy rug, or cushions/throws can bring the perfect balanced traditional aesthetic feel and uplifts your interior.



Orange, another vibrant color yields excitement and warmth. Orange has many pretty shades representing sunshine and nature. Hence people associate this color with having a calming effect on their personality.

It can be used anywhere in the house or office to stimulate energy levels. Remember to balance it off to avoid creating an overwhelming effect. Softer shades of orange like peach and honey create that punchy vibe while keeping the color more manageable to use.



Yellow is a personal favorite of many homeowners and interior designers. It lightens up any space and spreads happiness by making the room feel bright and sunny. It is a great choice for kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, and even bathrooms.

You need to make sure to choose the right shade of yellow. Most shades invoke positive effects while some dull shades of yellow instill a gloomy and sickening feeling in your mind. Remember to stabilize the intensity of this color by pairing it up with gray or white to add more sophistication.


Role of Cool Colors



Green is the color of nature hence you can’t deny its association with being calm, relaxing, and soothing. The human mind connects green color with peace, growth, and freshness. I believe it is a powerful color to add to your interior.

It has some beautiful shades ranging from mint green to olive-green to forest green and dark green. You can contrast lighter shades of green with darker shades to add a neutralized effect. Olive green creates versatile combinations with tan, off-white, and light browns. A unique contrast of mint green with pastel pink or pastel blues can make you feel rejuvenated.



Blue is one of the strongest colors in the color psychology spectrum. It is the only color to have a lot of positive effects with little or no negative effects on your mind. It is believed to incur spiritual benefits to your body.

Also, it is linked to invoking positive peaceful emotions and creating a relaxing environment. An environment that puts your mind at peace and slows down your heart rate. To reap the full benefits of this color, it is recommended to avoid some shades particularly electric blue and neon blue.



Purple is widely known as the color of creativity. It is often the underutilized shade in the interior design field. It carries within it a sense of luxury and royalty and can be used anywhere in your home. Also, it works best in studios and offices where you need to spark creativity. Opt for any shade of purple to create a lively and elegant feel in your room.




White, Black, Brown, and Gray

You can never go wrong with neutral shades. They are an essential part of your interior designer palette. If you want to tone down or enhance a part of your room, these colors will be your best friend every time. These colors create an aesthetic feel and contrast well with any other color. All these neutrals are available in a variety of shades so choose according to your personality.


Using color psychology in your interior design projects, you can create the exact environment you want in every space. It is essential to understand this physiology and choose colors wisely that suit your personality.



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