How to Care for Tungsten Rings and Maintain their Shine?

May 13, 2022

Of late, many more couples have been opting for tungsten rings as the band of choice to officiate their union. A big reason for this boost in popularity is the increase in the price of classic metals like gold and platinum. On the other hand, Tungsten provides a more affordable option with the same gorgeous design.

Unlike other metals, tungsten paves the way for more design flexibility. This is because the manipulated carbide is man-made, and constructed in controlled conditions, making them very durable while still only costing a fraction of the price of metals like gold.

Tungsten Ring Maintenance

While these tungsten rings have impressive durability, they may suffer damage under extreme pressure. While it is uncommon, a sudden fall to a hard surface could result in a minor chip on the ring's surface.

Apart from avoiding falls and pressure, you could also do a few things to maintain your ring and ensure it doesn't break or lose its glossy shine.

  • Stay away from tough chemicals and steam cleaners
  • Stick to soapy water mixtures to clean the rings
  • Watch out for antibacterial hand sanitizers as they leave build-up that turns the rings darker

Cleaning and Maintenance

Fortunately, cleaning these rings is ridiculously simple to do. Compared to alternative metals that need tough chemicals and professional polishing, you can get away with wiping your rings down with a simple solution of soap and water!

You don't have to follow any specific cleaning schedule, simply do so when you feel appropriate or notice any dark marks on the ring.

1. Fill a container halfway with lukewarm water and washing soap, and let the soap later. Soak your ring in the solution for about ten minutes.

2. Get a soft cloth and scrub the internal band and the outside.

3. To get into the grooves, use a soft bristle toothbrush and scrub gently to get all the dirt.

4. Pat it dry and put it back on!


You want to keep your ring looking as shiny and new as you can, and with tungsten rings, that can be achieved with very little maintenance. If you want to polish it for a glossier shine, you can invest in a relatively inexpensive rotary tool and gloves. However, make sure to run the rotary tool on and off every sixty seconds. Surely, maintenance doesn't get simpler than that!


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