How To Choose Coat Racks To Declutter Your Entryway

May 15, 2022

A coat rack is an important piece of furniture in any home. It is a place where you can hang and store your coats, hats, purses, and other items. From time to time, it also serves as a nice decorative accent piece for the entryway or hallway, which creates out-of-the-way storage and keeps things from piling up on the ground. Yet what is the best coat rack for your needs? How do you decide which type works best with your home's design? Keep reading to learn how to choose a modern coat rack to declutter your entryway.

Why Are Coat Racks So Important?

Coat racks tell an important story about a person's lifestyle, whether they enjoy minimalism or like to decorate with items worldwide. There are many different styles of coat racks, both modern and classic: modular coat racks, extendable coat racks, custom-made walk-in wardrobes, or even antique armoirs.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Coat Rack

Before you buy a modern coat rack for your home, there are several things to consider. Will it be located inside the house or outside? What is its primary function?

If you want a rack that will hold all your outerwear without crowding a room, you might opt for a coat tree with multiple hooks or tiers. If you want something simple as an accent piece or want to create an entryway bench with armrests or additional storage space, then a small coat rack with hooks might be what you're looking for. There're also other things to consider, listed below.

The Number Of People In The House

When you have a small family of four, the coat rack needs to be placed in an area that won't be in the way. Their coats will always clutter up your entrance area with the kids playing around. Having easy access to their coats is an important part of avoiding conflicts with each other and creating more harmony in your home.

The best type of coat rack for families with children is something that's both functional and decorative. A useful option would be a wall-mounted coat tree with hooks or a free-standing outdoor coat rack that includes hooks, so everyone can hang up their outerwear before entering the house.

Different Types Of Coat Racks To Choose From

The design of a coat rack is really important. There are so many options out there, and each one has its pros and cons.

  • Modular Coat Rack – If you have a spacious entryway, then the best coat rack is a modular one that seamlessly holds everything in your home. A modular coat rack is an efficient way to store items and can be designed to fit any size space.

They're durable and versatile, making them perfect for families who are constantly packing and unpacking their storage items. As the name suggests, a modular coat rack breaks into pieces, so it's easy to reassemble when you move or redecorate your home.

  • Extendable Coat Rack – If you want to save space, you might want to consider an extendable coat rack that can be adjusted to the height of your door. It's an efficient way to store your outerwear without making your home seem cramped.
  • Custom-Made Walk-In Wardrobe – If you want to store a lot of garments, then a custom-made walk-in wardrobe is perfect for your needs. It's not only convenient and stylish, but it also helps reduce clutter in your home. You won't need to move your clothes around every time you have guests because everything will be conveniently stored in one location.

Most Common Coat Rack Materials

There are three main materials to choose from when buying a coat or a hat rack: metal, wood, and plastic. Each material has its pros and cons, which are explained below.


Metal is durable, sturdy, and commonly used in both classic and contemporary designs. It's also usually rust-proof, but you will want to make sure it's powder coated with a sealant so that moisture doesn't get trapped inside and cause rusting in the future.

This is the most common material for coat racks because of its durability and lightweight look. You can also paint a metal rack to match the color of your home's interior.


Wooden coat racks are very popular as well because they come in many different styles and designs. Many people like them because they're highly customizable and can match any home's style or theme perfectly.

Wooden coat racks are usually made from pine, maple, beech, or oak. While they're easy to find, you will want to ensure that it's sturdy and won't break easily. It's recommended that you get a wooden coat rack that's at least 18 inches in width and has a top rail of at least 30 inches to hang multiple layers together with ease.


Plastic coat racks are commonly used outdoors and don't require any assembly. They're also very lightweight and easy to move around if needed. However, they can be more difficult to clean and keep free from rusting or water damage, so it's often recommended that you bring them inside when not in use.

The Bottom Line

What's the best coat rack in your home? It depends on your needs. Modern coat racks are available in many different designs, adding more to the market every year. If you're looking for something simple and easy to use, then a modular coat rack or an extendable one will suit your needs perfectly. As far as materials go, there are three main options to consider, which include metal, wood, and plastic. I hope this guide gave you vast information about how to choose coat racks to declutter your entryway.

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