How To Clean Carpet: 3 Tips

May 5, 2022

Regular cleaning prolongs the service lifespan of the carpet, making it look new and fresh for years. Hire professional carpet cleaners to tackle dirt, spills, stains, grime, or any messy accidents. The homeowner should properly clean and maintain the carpet in between the scheduled professional cleaning appointments.

Frequent vacuuming and an occasional deep-clean scrubbing will make the carpet last twice as long. Not everybody knows how to clean the carpet, therefore, we present you with some tips sworn by experts for carpet cleaning.

How To Clean Carpet: 3 Tips

The first and most important tip for properly cleaned and maintained carpet is to vacuum regularly to protect it against dirt and grit. Hire a carpet cleaning Sioux falls.

Vacuum Regularly

Regular vacuuming every few days removes the dirt that can degrade the fibers over time. One should vacuum the right way, otherwise, he will do more harm than good.

  • Vacuum in One Direction - Instead of going back and forth, vacuum the carpet in one direction, then pull the vacuum back over the row to pick up any remaining dirt.
  • Right Speed - Vacuum slowly to give the machine enough time to pick up as much dirt as possible. Make two slow passes over high-traffic and dusty areas to efficiently remove dirt.
  • Vacuum Once or Twice a Week - Do not wait until the dirt piles up and the carpet looks visibly dirty. Vacuuming once or twice a week is enough to reduce soil build-up.
  • Set it at the Right Height - If it is set too low, the vacuum can damage the carpet, however, when set too high, it would not suck up any dirt. Turn on the vacuum, set it to the highest setting, keep lowering it, and set it at a height where the vacuum tries to tug itself forward.
  • Use a Clean Bag - A dirty and full filter can reduce the cleaning efficiency of a vacuum by 50%. When the bag is three-quarters or half-full, replace it with a new one.

Remove Stains Right Away

If you have spilled something on the carpet, remove it immediately before the stain reacts chemically and becomes harder to remove.

  • Use Water For Stain Removal - Most of the stains can be easily removed using tap water. Press the clean cloth over the stain, and keep repeating till the spill is absorbed. Get a damp white towel and blot to remove the stain.
  • Do Not Rub - Do not rub or scrub vigorously while removing stains as it will damage the fibers. Always blot from outside-in to prevent the stain from spreading.
  • Be Patient - Pour water onto the stain and blot with a dry cloth, repeat till the stain is gone. If water does not work, use vinegar or club soda for removing the stain.

Wash Every 6 Months

It is important to schedule professional carpet cleaning appointments to wash and deep clean the carpet. Washing the carpet once every six months removes all the dirt buildup, grime, and stains.

Lastly, these tips will come in handy while cleaning carpets at home, however, the best way to keep the carpet looking good is to seek help from professionals with advanced cleaning equipment.


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