How to clean your microwave easily?

May 5, 2022

We all have been pretty cautious when it comes to taking care of the electronic appliances in our homes. Apart from using them well, we also ensure that they are in tip-top condition every time. Cleaning them regularly plays a vital role in that purpose.

A microwave is one such appliance that we use quite often. But apart from using it to make quick meals and heat leftover food, keeping your microwave clean is equally important.

Now before you presume that cleaning your microwave could be a hectic job, let us assure you that in this post we will be suggesting to you some of the proven ways through which you can clean your microwave in a hassle-free manner. So without further ado let's proceed.

Baking soda

If you have a microwave at your home, there is a greater possibility that you would also be having baking soda as baking soda assists in the preparation of many dishes that are cooked in the microwave. But wouldn't it be amazing if the same baking soda could be put to use in cleaning the hardened food stuck in your microwave? Certainly, it would.

For that purpose, you would have to make a paste by mixing baking soda and water. Then, apply this paste to areas where there are leftovers of hardened food. Let this paste sit on those areas for 5 minutes. Then gently wipe it off with either a wet towel or sponge. If you can still see the remains of unwanted food on the inside of your microwave, repeat the process.

Lemon juice

Yes, you read that right. Even a thing as simple as lemon juice can work wonders in cleaning your microwave oven. The best thing about using lemon juice is that it not just cleans your microwave oven but also deodorizes it well.

Start by squeezing all the juice of a lemon into a microwave-safe bowl. Mix it up with one cup of water. Now place the bowl in your microwave and run it on high for around 5 minutes. Let the bowl sit in the microwave for 10 more minutes. The steam generated by heating lemon juice will condense it on the inner surface of the microwave. Now, with the use of oven mitts, remove the bowl carefully. Finally, dampen a microfiber cloth in the lemon juice and wipe off the exterior and interiors of your microwave oven.

If rusting has occurred on the internal surfaces of your microwave oven, the mixture of lemon juice and water can be of great use. It facilitates the removal of rust from the internal surfaces of the microwave oven. Along with keeping your microwave clean, the mixture of lemon juice and water will also bring a new shine to it.

Vinegar and water solution

This method is little bit similar to the lemon juice method. Vinegar and water solution helps in removing stubborn stains and grimes from your microwave. Start by taking a microwave-safe bowl and making a solution in it using vinegar and water.

The amount of vinegar and water must be in equal proportion. Then place this solution in your microwave and heat it for around 5 minutes. The heat generated will cause the solution to get steamed and it will condense on the inner surface of the microwave oven.

After 5 minutes, take out the bowl from your microwave oven. Now dampen a microfiber cloth into the solution and wipe off the interiors and exteriors of the microwave. You must ensure that there are no traces of vinegar left inside the microwave. For this purpose wipe it dry before reusing it.

So if you are stressed over the issue of stubborn stains on your microwave, vinegar and water solution can act as a savior for you. The best thing about using a vinegar and water solution is that it also helps in removing rust inside the microwave oven.

Dish soap and water solution

The soap that you use for cleaning dishes can also be used to keep your microwave stain-free and clean. For that purpose, make a solution of dish soap and water in a microwave-safe bowl.

The two ingredients of this solution must be in equal proportion to each other. Place this solution in your microwave and heat it for around 60-90 seconds at a high temperature. This will make the solution steam up and condense on the internal surface of the microwave.

Now use a sponge to gently clean the internal surface of your microwave oven. Pay special attention to the edges as stains often get accumulated in that area. You must also make sure to clean the doors of your microwave oven. It will give it a shine that will make your microwave appear like a new one.

Commercial cleaners

If there are stubborn stains on both the inside and outside surface of your microwave and the use of lemon juice, dish soap, vinegar, and baking soda is not doing the job for you, then you must resort to commercial cleaners.

Before using a commercial cleaner for your microwave, you must ensure that the cleaner that you are buying must not leave a pungent smell in your microwave oven. It will adversely impact the taste and smell of the food that you will prepare in your oven.

Once you get the right cleaner for your microwave oven, follow the instructions mentioned on its container and clean both the internal and external surfaces of your microwave. When you are done cleaning it, make sure to air out your microwave for around 30-60 minutes. Afterward, you can cook your favorite delicacies in it.

Final Words

We are sure that you must be happy and relieved to know about the ways through which you can keep your microwave oven clean and that too in a breezy manner.

With our suggested ways, you can clean your microwave oven quickly which will enable you to clean it on a regular basis.

So now you won't have to wait for days to clean up your microwave. You just need 15-20 minutes and your microwave oven will start looking like a new one.


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