How To Deal With Medical Bills After A Car Accident

May 20, 2022

Did you get injured in a car accident? One of your worries will likely be centered around medical bills. Confusion tends to set in when such an accident was not even your fault in the first place. Then many questions roll through your mind. Whose insurance will foot the medical bills and other expenses? When will the company pay you for damages or reimburse you if you have to pay some of the money? You would also wonder how the procedure for reimbursement goes.


Indeed, the process involved with paying for medicals after an accident is somewhat cumbersome.



Essentially, insurance coverage doesn't leave accident victims' medical bills behind. That's if the injured victim has insurance coverage in the first place. In addition, the type and extent of insurance coverage goes a long way toward determining how and when the bills will be paid.

Anyone involved in a car accident will pay their medical bills, even if another person hits them. If you get injured in an accident with all your fingers pointing to another person as the cause, you still have to foot your medical bills. This may sound cruel, but no law binds the other party from paying your medical bills. However, the good news is that you will be compensated for the damage by the other party's insurance company.

The compensation comes after you reach an acceptable settlement with the insurance company. And your medical bills will undoubtedly fall under the dangers incurred by accident. To this end, you will be able to regain all or most of the funds used to pay for your medical bills from the compensation awarded to you.


How this works is that you and your insurer are reimbursed for all medical bills that have been paid on your behalf to cater to your injury, treatments, and recovery.

So, you see that the other party has no business directly paying your medical bills. It is an elaborate process that involves meticulousness. Why? The at-fault driver's insurance company will only pay you compensation to cover damages incurred in the accident. This is only after the driver is liable and you have reached a settlement with the insurance companies.


Three steps to getting compensation after a car accident:

  • Document a claim under the at-fault driver's insurance policy.
  • File a personal injury case against the driver at fault.
  • File a third-party claim with the other party's insurance company.

The clause here is that the driver at fault may not be sentenced as liable by the court for months or years. In this window period, the medical bills have to be paid. Just imagine the dilemma this will create for the accident victim. Medical bills will accrue, and a financial strain will be placed on the victim and their family.

Different Types Of Victims

The Victim Has Private Health Insurance


There are cases where a victim has a private health insurance plan. This may also be in the form of Medicare or Medicaid. The health insurance company pays for all medical treatment and recovery. While receiving treatment, the victim can file a lawsuit with the driver's insurance company. The medical bills have to be paid following the terms laid down by the insurance policy.

However, if the policy doesn't cover the specific healthcare need or medical procedure, the insurance company may not pay the claim. But in cases where the insurance company refuses to pay the bills for medical practices within their policy, that's an act of bad faith, and an attorney needs to be hired to hash this out.

Victims with Medical Payment Car Insurance


Some drivers save for the rainy days by adding medical payment insurance to their insurance policies. This insurance coverage will sort out the accident victim's medical bills. Again, this will be paid as compensation after a successful law case.

Hospital Liens


Some states give the hospital room to pay for an accident victim's medical bills. This bill settlement is done in exchange for a lien for the personal injury verdict or accident case settlement.

So, the hospital will ask them to sign a lien letter for accident victims who require medical attention but don't have health insurance coverage to cover the bills. With the signed letter, the hospital has permission to recover the medical bills from the compensation accrued after the victim's injury case.

No-Fault State


A few states in the United States make it compulsory for drivers to have no-fault auto insurance. This is also referred to as "personal injury protection" (PIP), and it pays for all medical bills accrued by the victim in the event of an accident. The fantastic thing about this coverage is that it is activated regardless of who the victim was. It also places limitations on when the victim can file a personal injury claim. No-fault coverage has a limit, and once that bar is reached, the victim/health insurance company takes full responsibility for their health.

The surest way to get paid and compensated for medical expenses after a car accident is to work with an experienced lawyer. You can visit URL here to hire the best personal injury attorney. You also want to carefully select your car accident lawyer in Boulder, making sure that they have the same passion as you and a thorough understanding of the job to be done. While waiting for your compensation to be paid, some complications may arise. You have to negotiate with your health insurance company, car insurance company, and health care providers. Your medical bills also have to be paid in the interim while you get your refund from the compensation. The following link describes how to request a car accident crash report.


Accidents are inevitable, and being the victim isn't something to laugh about. The injury, pain, losses, and financial strain car accidents bring, makes it almost unbearable. However, we have shown you how to deal with medical bills after a car accident. You don't have to bear the financial burden alone, even if you may have to pay out of pocket initially. If you hire the right attorney, your compensation is certain, and the at-fault driver is found liable.


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