How To Defog Windows

May 25, 2022

Condensation on wooden windows is much less likely to form than on metal-plastic ones. The increased percent of humidity and low temperature of internal air indoors lead to the fogging of windows.

With frequent fogging of windows, the owner of the premises must take effective measures to control moisture, since it leads to the appearance of fungus on the surfaces of windows and walls. Mold and bacteria affect human health and sometimes lead to the development of serious diseases.

Is it possible to make the windows not fog up?

Most of the sources of fogging windows can be eliminated by yourself, except for those that cause internal condensation in the double-glazed window.

General recommendations for defogging windows:

• A wide window sill that interferes with the flow of heat to the window - if the design allows, then it must be reduced in width. You can also install special grilles to provide air access to the glass.

• Install a heat shield behind the radiator in order to increase its efficiency.

• Install a dehumidifier when the humidity in the room is over 50%.

• Seal wooden frames.

How to fix foggy windows?

In addition to general recommendations, there are methods for eliminating the causes of condensation on windows, depending on where they occur.

Moisture between glasses.

Fogging inside a double-glazed window is the most complicated case, it requires the immediate call of window repair specialists.

If fog occurs inside the glass of a wooden frame, then the owner must take the following steps:

• Remove the glazing beads and carefully remove the glass.

• Then find the place of depressurization of wooden frames, clear it and dry the frame well so that the moisture is completely gone.

• Further, the wooden parts on which leaks are found are treated with sealant, as well as the junction of glass.

• The glass is inserted into place, and the joints are treated with sealant.

• Install staples and the seal on the sashes.

Windows fogging up in house.

Since the sources of moisture and heat loss in an apartment and a private household are different, different methods will be required to eliminate glass fogging inside the room.

The main capital measures to protect against internal fogging of windows for an apartment located in a multi-storey building:

• Clean or repair ventilation ducts to allow natural air circulation.

• Arrange forced exhaust ventilation in the kitchen.

• Perform purging and adjustment of heating systems.

In private homes, sources of moisture formation are poor insulation of external walls, slabs above the basement and attic floors. All of them will need to be isolated from heat loss with the installation of additional layers of hydro protection.

Difficulties and errors in the process of foggy window repair

All known options for repairing the foggy window units are effective. Technologically, almost all of them can be performed by homeowners, with the exception of defects in glass blocks that require a complete replacement of the window.

If, during the protective measures, the condensation on the window did not stop, this rather indicates that all sources of increased moisture entering the house have not been eliminated.


During the first days of the onset of cold weather, condensation on the windows is normal until the temperature is established and excess moisture in the house is removed.

If this window fogging process continues for a long period, the owner of the premises must identify the sources of fogging and immediately begin to eliminate them. He can do many works on protecting wooden structures on his own, and in the case when moisture appears between the glasses, it will be necessary to involve specialists.



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