How To Determine If Your House Is A Good Candidate For Solar Panels

May 24, 2022

When you’re looking at options on how you can reduce your energy bills, one of the long-term choices is installing solar panels Mandurah. Solar panel installation provides you with a reliable energy source and helps reduce your carbon footprint. However, you may not be sure where to start, what to look for, or whom to contact to help you make an informed decision.

It’s advisable to involve solar panel professionals to help you assess the viability of your home for solar panel installation. If you aren’t sure how to get in touch with one, you can search on the internet with your location as part of the keyword search. For instance, if you reside in the Victoria area of Melbourne, you can search for 'solar panels Victoria‘, and select the one closest to you from the results. Your local solar technicians can advise you better if you need to make any changes, modifications, or improvements to facilitate solar panel installation.

Before you contact the solar panel experts, you can do some research first. The technicians will assist and check the technical stuff for you. Below are tips that can help you determine if your house is a good candidate for solar panel installation.

1. The Climate And Weather In Your Location

The physical location you live in determines the amount of sunshine the solar panels receive. On average, it’s recommended that solar panels receive at least four hours of sunlight per day. You can still get solar power even on cloudy days. However, the output from the solar panels could be relatively less and may require you to tap into the local electricity to supplement your energy needs.

Although cloudy locations can reduce your solar panel’s output, it still goes into lowering your total energy bill. This is because the panel’s technology helps them harvest sunlight, whether direct or indirect, and convert it to electricity.

If you live in areas prone to constant severe weather, like storms and strong winds, you may need to consider high durability solar panels. You can consult your local solar experts if you aren’t sure about the extent of the weather.

Overall, if you live in a warmer location with long sunny days, your house can qualify for solar panel installation. But if there are frequent extreme weather conditions, you may need to consult your local technicians who can advise further.

If you are considering solar panels, then you need to choose one that is going to last a while and provide you with a high quality performance. We suggest doing your research on the best solar panels. Here's a Jinko solar panels review to help. Jinko is the world's biggest supplier of solar and provides affordable and quality solar panels.

2. What’s Your Roof Type, Condition, And Age

Solar panel installation is a long-lasting investment. Additionally, the installation process requires time and labor. Therefore, you need a roof that can accommodate the panels for the duration of its lifespan. Most solar panels can last up to 40 years. Thus, if your roofing is old and might need changing soon, it’s better to make the changes before installing the solar panels. Otherwise, it’d cost you more to have solar technicians remove it, then reinstall it after changing the roof.

Most solar panel installations use the roof as their core mounting support. Thus, your roofing material needs to be strong enough to support the weight of the solar panels. Solar experts recommend roofing made of concrete tiles, asphalt shingles, metal, or composite. If your roofing is made of delicate materials like wood tiles, slate, or clay, you should consult your local solar specialists.

Furthermore, your roof size is also essential to solar panel installation. The size of the roof determines how many solar panels you can fit on it. The number of panels dictates the amount of power you can get for your home and if it’s enough for your energy needs.  If your roof is in need of repair, go EvergreenSolar even offers a free roof with solar panels purchases, which will save you money long term!

3. The Roof Angle And Shading

Solar panels need enough sunshine for optimum output. Therefore, you should check how your roof is angled towards the sun’s position. Your roof angle can face east or west. However, for optimum sunshine, it’s advisable if it faces south, in case you’re in the northern hemisphere, or north, if you’re in the southern hemisphere. Apart from the latitude factor, a 30-degree angle is considered the optimum for maximum sunlight capture.

Consequently, check if your house has obstacles that can block direct sunlight to the solar panels. Your location can have enough sunlight throughout the year. However, your home may have trees or tall buildings that keep your house shaded for the better part of the day. This can limit the output of the solar panels and render your investment less efficient.

You can install the panels on the ground if your roof doesn’t have the necessary angling and strength. However, you’ll still need to ensure the area receives enough sunshine.


Solar panel installation can be a good source of energy, which can help you save on energy bills. However, you need to determine if your house makes a good candidate. The above tips can help you in this process. It’s also essential to check with the local authorities for permits and incentives regarding solar panel installation.

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