How to launch own travel show on YouTube and develop it successfully

May 27, 2022

YouTube travel channels are some of the most popular on the platform. Viewers love seeing new places and enjoy the experiences bloggers have. However, launching a travel show on YouTube is challenging due to increased competition. Here are some tips to start your travel show on YouTube.

Tip 1: Pick a Niche

Travel YouTube is not a niche itself. There is so much competition that numerous niches exist within this category. You need to select a unique angle to separate your channel from competitors. For example, popular travel YouTuber Mark Wiens showcases foods in locations he visits.

Tip 2: Look at Competitors

Watch your competitors’ videos. Look at what is good about them. See if you can spot trends in their content. Notice when a YouTuber has more engagement. Examine what they were doing. Then compare their success to other content. You can then see what content audiences prefer.

Tip 3: Design a Standard Format

Scripting an ideal format is important. It provides your audience with familiarity and a structure you can follow. Set out a simple format that you can follow regardless of where you are and what you are doing.

Tip 4: Design a Channel Header

The first thing many viewers will see is the header of your channel. You should create a highly engaging channel header that captures the type of travel content you produce. You can build this using design software or hire a freelancer to create one.

Tip 5: Create a Logo

A logo for your channel is vital. The logo is a way for audiences to identify your publications across channels. A good logo should be simple, recognizable, and match your branding. Do not add too much writing to your logo; some devices struggle to display it.

Tip 6: Buy the Right Equipment

Using the right equipment is very important for your success. Most viewers will judge your channel based on the quality of the content. So you need to invest in the best equipment. New YouTubers often fail to consider buying a good microphone, but bad audio can be a disaster. So ensure that you have the setup to improve the quality of content.

Tip 7: Film Some Episodes

Filming a couple of first videos is the next step. You want to have content for your potential audience to see. These can be shorter vids. However, this might set the wrong expectations. So try to film content as you mean to go on. You want to film about three weeks’ worth of videos if you can. One of these vids should be an introduction one.

Tip 8: Edit the Videos

Now spend some time editing the content and releasing it on your channel. There are numerous editing software options available, some free and others premium. However, you can also hire some good editors at a cost-effective rate. Then you can concentrate more on filming and promoting.

Tip 9: Gain Initial Subscribers

Now get your initial subscribers to your channel. The first thing you need to do is ask friends and family to follow your channel. The more people you start with, the quicker you can build a large following. Other options for gaining initial followers include:

  • You can buy 50 YouTube likes that belong to real people for cheap. This is a popular method used by bloggers these days. There are numerous sites that can help you with YouTube likes.
  • Ask in social media groups for a follow.
  • Invest a small amount in paid advertising on Facebook and Instagram.

Tip 10: Upload Videos

Now you need to upload the initial videos. This initial group creates an appearance of an active channel. Upload at least three weeks’ worth of vids and backdate them.

Tip 11: Optimize Content for YouTube Search

YouTube search will be the largest source of traffic for you in the long term. Therefore, you want to spend some time optimizing your videos for the YouTube search algorithms. Create a title and description that contains at least one keyword for each video. There are tools that can help you find good keywords. Finally, make sure that you spend some time on the captions for the video.

Tip 12: Add Video Cards

Now you need to add cards to your videos. This process includes adding content at the end to promote another video. Also, add up to three cards within each video related to the current topic. These cards help move your audience from one video to another.

Tip 13: Social Media

Now build a social media following. Social media can help find new viewers, but you need to spend some time on your platforms. For a travel channel, have a TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook page. Publish a mixture of images of your travels, shorts (less than 30 seconds), and quick updates about what is going on. Announce every new video across your social media too. For inspiration, you can see the most-popular celebrities on Instagram.

Tip 14: Keep Producing Content

Starting a YouTube channel is a long process. Many content creators give up, but by staying consistent and publishing on a regular schedule audiences can rely on, you can be successful. Three videos a week is the best schedule for growth. If you do not have time to produce content, be regular at once or twice a week. Then you can build up when you have the financial backing or time. You can even download and convert YouTube videos to understand better how to make your videos better. To do this, it is better to use licensed software, such as Softorino YouTube Converter for Mac and Windows

Tip 15: Partnerships

As you continue to publish new content, you need to look for ways to grow. One way to do this is to partner with other YouTubers to get collaboration videos. This kind of content markets your channel to new, engaged audiences. Do not have the same videos as the other channel, but have the ones linked to encourage audiences to watch both channels.

Tip 16: Work With Sponsors and Merchandise

While YouTube advertising might seem one of the best ways to monetize your channel, you will find that adverts are not too lucrative. Instead, look at being sponsored by relevant brands (like travel insurance). You can also create merchandising to help you earn more revenue. Merchandising via Print-on-Demand is a profitable option. You don’t physically touch products; just enjoy a share of the sales.

Tip 17: Continuously Shake Up the Channel

Make small changes up the channel regularly. When you have enough subscribers, get a customized URL for your channel. And every six months or so, change the intro video to showcase the latest destinations and content. You might also want to change the time you publish videos because you notice your audience is more active at a different time.

Tip 18: Assess Top Performing Content

If you want to be successful, you need to catch onto the best videos for your channel. Look at insights to see which pieces of content have the best views and most watch time. Then use the basis of these videos to create new content with similar themes.

Tip 19: Always Communicate

Use the comments section of your videos to communicate with your audience. Regularly sit down and reply to comments, answer questions and tease about upcoming content. Keeping your audience engaged improves their loyalty. They might also then promote you to their friends.


Being a YouTuber is not easy. However, you can build a great brand by following the simple tips above. Choose your niche, record your videos, and get published. Do not delay your start either. The earlier you begin, the quicker you will get there.

Carlos Diaz
I believe in making the impossible possible because there’s no fun in giving up. Travel, design, fashion and current trends in the field of industrial construction are topics that I enjoy writing about.

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