How to List on the MLS Without a Realtor – A Quick Guide

May 19, 2022

As good as it may sound, there is actually no way to list on the MLS without a realtor. However, there are alternatives, where you can list on the MLS by just paying a nominal fee, instead of a hefty commission to full-service agents. You can check out Houzeo reviews to know how people are listing their homes on the MLS and selling them super quick, without employing a realtor. What’s more, you can actually get nationwide visibility for your home with Houzeo, not just local, as in the case of an MLS.

What is an MLS?

An MLS (Multiple Listing Services) is a database where all information regarding local properties for sale is listed. It is established by real estate agents for information sharing purposes and can be accessed by licensed brokers only. It acts to connect sellers and buyers easily, and benefits both listing agents and selling agents who share the commission of a sale. It was initially created by cooperating brokers to share information among themselves and safeguard their interests. However, as everything went digital with time, the MLS also went digital and its services can now be accessed by flat-fee brokers and discount brokers as well, who lend their services for much less than that of a full-service broker.

Why list on MLS at all?

Selling your home without professional help can be a daunting task. Getting your property to the market, where it can be seen by buyers is the biggest challenge. Since MLS is the place where buyers and their agents look for property, it is the place to be, to grab their attention. Besides, by listing on the MLS, your listing gets automatically posted to multiple real estates websites, such as Zillow, Trulia, and, thereby getting you nationwide visibility. There are several For sale by owner websites available to list your house on MLS quickly as possible.

Benefits of listing with flat-fee MLS provider

  • Buyers can find your house easily, as it gets listed on various real estate websites as well.
  • More exposure means more buyers, which ultimately converts into better deals.
  • You can avoid paying 2.5% to 3% commission fees to the listing agent.
  • You get to negotiate and close the deal as per your choice.
  • You can avail of additional services like legal consultancy, all paperwork, home valuation, photography, etc. as per requirement. You may have them included in the listing package or avail of a la carte services.
  • You are in charge here. You can control the rates, you can show the house at your convenience, you drive the negotiations, and you decide who the next owner should be!
  • You get the expertise of an agent with the freedom of selling FSBO (for sale by owner). You are not bound to go via an agent or sign a contract here. You are free to sell as, when, and where you like.
  • With flat fee MLS providers like Houzeo, you get the convenience of online listings. As per Houzeo reviews, all documents and information can be shared online, so selling your home becomes that easy and quick!

MLS fact-check

  • Listing on the MLS is not free as it can be done only by licensed agents.
  • Most MLS are local. They may exist at the state level, city level, or even district level. Many MLS together make one bigger directory, often merged into one big database on the Internet.
  • You still need to pay a commission to the buyer’s agent, if the buyer approaches you through an agent.
  • You can list your home on the MLS via a full-service agent, discount agent, or flat-fee MLS listing (also known as ‘entry only’ services).

How does a flat fee MLS listing save money?

You must be wondering how does one save money if one still has to pay a fee for listing on the MLS? You do pay a fee, but it’s a small one as compared to the commission one generally pays to the listing agent. You actually reduce the commission to about 50% by paying only the buyer’s broker. Generally, the agent commission amounts to 5% to 7%, which is shared by the listing agent and the buyer’s agent. In this case, you need to pay just the buyer’s broker, which amounts to about 2.5% to 3.5%. The flat fee typically ranges between $300 and $500, although you may also find some offers starting from $100. But beware of hidden charges in such cases.

How to list on the MLS?

If you are confident of navigating through the entire process on your own, and just need to list on the MLS, choose an entry-only package or enlist as FSBO with a Flat Fee MLS provider.

If you wish to save on the commission but need the services of an agent to guide you through the entire process, choose a full-service flat-fee agent. They help you with the paperwork, marketing, valuation, photography, etc., and also guide you till closing. Flat fee MLS providers like Houzeo have plans and packages which have been carefully designed to suit all kinds of sellers.

Are you still wondering how to list on MLS? Let’s delve into the details. You would typically need to write a description of your property, to begin with. You would also need a few good photographs – both exterior and interior – to best showcase your home. We recommend a professional photoshoot for the purpose to get quick responses to your property. Then you need to fill in the forms and sign the listing agreement to get listed on the MLS. Houzeo automatically sends you the right documents to quicken and ease up the process.

And that sums up the listing process! So, get listed, and start getting responses to your listing!



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