Influence of Air Atmosphere on Interior Segments

May 21, 2022

As civilization progresses, so does the environment around us. The air in which we do breathe all the time becoming heavier with polluted gas and dust. The level of air pollution in metropolitan areas is increasing alarmingly day by day. But with a little awareness and a few small steps, we can at least keep the air fresh inside our house. There are many ways to keep the air fresh in the house. But before that, it is important to know exactly what is meant by the purity of the indoor air quality and why it is important.

What is Indoor air Atmosphere?

Research institutes measure the atmosphere of air by looking at the levels of dust, ground level ozone gas, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, etc. in the air. In this case, British Long Foundation expressed that "Pollution is caused by the excessive presence of dust, dirt and harmful gases in the air." Moreover, ‘Small particles of dust, waste or harmful gases that cause air pollution are invisible to the naked eye and do not emit any odor. But these are the causes of all deadly diseases. So, they are our 'invisible enemy'.

Harmful gases emitted mainly from stoves, heaters or electronics, cigarette smoke, presence of harmful fungi in accumulated dirt, some harmful volatile compounds used in air freshener-paint-pesticide-preservatives cause pollution in the home. However, if the air in the house is polluted, it is not always possible to feel it through the nose-eyes-mouth or the five senses. For example, if the amount of dust in the air increases, it can be clearly understood, but the amount of carbon monoxide cannot be understood by looking at it with the naked eye or by breathing.

Several formal services are taking to measure indoor air purity. If it cannot be in that way, there are methods to keep the air in the house clean. It is important to ensure purity, because we spend most of the day at home. The purity of indoor air is especially important for children and the elderly in the family, and for patients with allergies and respiratory diseases.

Ways to keep the indoor air quality fresh

The importance of hygiene lies in the way you keep the air in the house clean. Make sure the interior is dust free. Vacuum cleaner is most useful for dust cleaning. This is because curtains, carpets, furniture or floors, wherever there is dust, it has the advantage of being pulled proximately. It is better to clean the house with plain water than with water mixed with chemical disinfectant. This is because the chlorine-bleach that contains the chemical disinfectant is released into the air as the harmful gas methyl chloroform. Also widely used ingredients in glass cleaners and floor cleaners are ethyl benzene, camphene, formaldehyde, etc., which are harmful to our respiratory system.

Using mats or rugs outside the floor and doors greatly reduces the chances of dust entering the house. It is best to use a large mat outside the main door. Because in that case, even if someone enters the house without wiping his feet, he is more likely to get dust on the big mat. Dust accumulates in the furniture quite regularly. Especially in the houses on the side of the main road, it is necessary to clean the dust of furniture regularly. If there are pets, there should be a pet house or cage on the list of things to clean them regularly.

One of the ways to keep the air interior clean is to prevent the accumulation of dirty garbage. For this, it is necessary to throw dirt in certain places. Likewise, for those who have a lawn or garden at home, regular cleaning of wildflowers and dry leaves is very important. When it comes to keeping the interior air clean, you need to pay attention to all kinds of cleanliness of the house.

It is vital to pay attention to ventilation. In other words, there should be a system to expel the polluted air from the house and let the free air flow in. This is why exhaust fans should be used in kitchens and bathrooms. As well as large windows are necessary for ventilation. Another way to keep the air clean is to use a kitchen hood. The kitchen hood absorbs carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide and other harmful gases and gases from the cooking stove and ensures the emission of environmentally friendly fumes.

Another way to keep indoor air clean is to give up or reduce the use of aerosols, air fresheners, deodorants, etc. Experts are emphasizing the use of low VOC (Volatile Organic Chemical) products, i.e., products that emit small amounts of volatile harmful gases. Keep an eye on whether lead or lead based paint is being used on the walls, window-door frames of the house. Experts say that lead in the air causes kidney disease and damage to the nervous system.

Humidity control is one of the most important ways to keep the air in the room clean. This is because damp indoor spores, molds, and mites produce a variety of allergens that cause asthma and respiratory distress. In addition, as the amount of flammable vapor in the room increases, more chemical gases than normal levels are released into the air from the Rexene floor coverings, carpets, and wallpapers, and more viruses and bacteria grow. Indoor plants like aloe vera, snake plant, rubber tree etc. are also very affordable and beautiful among the ways to keep indoor air clean. These plants purify the indoor air by absorbing horrible gases like carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, trichloro ethylene.

The fact is that we may have not yet begun to think about the purity of the air in the house. But child spends most of his time at home, the older members of the family spend time inactive at home and we also return home at the end of a busy day. So, the importance of keeping the indoor air quality clean is not less in any way. Let's start the habit of keeping the indoor air clean by following these easy ways. A little awareness and some change can ensure the well-being of us and our family.

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