Landlord Basics; How To Devise A Proper Lease Agreement

May 19, 2022

A lease is a contract between the lessor, the property owner, and the lessee, the tenant who rents the property. The lease legally binds both the lessor and the lessee to the lease terms.

One question that a property owner is likely to have is, “How do I devise a proper lease agreement?” Landlords must know where to get their lease agreement forms. They must be sure that the lease complies with the landlord-tenant laws.

How Does a Lease Work and Why Do I Need One?

A proper lease agreement states the terms of the lease, including the obligations and responsibilities of the parties. The primary lease clause that the landlord is likely concerned with is the responsibility of the tenant to pay the rent by the due date. The lease also reveals the remedies that the landlord has if the tenant violates the terms of the lease.

The primary clause that the tenant is concerned about is likely related to the landlord’s responsibility to maintain the property and to make timely repairs. Tenants often have the right to terminate a lease if the landlord fails to maintain the property or otherwise violates the lease.

Creating a lease protects both the landlord and the tenant throughout the tenancy.

Choose ezLandlordForms to Create a Proper Lease

Many landlords rely on companies like ezLandlordForms when they need a customizable lease. Landlords who turn to ezLandlordForms do not need to worry whether their lease abides by state laws. The lease agreement form is state-specific.

Avoid the headaches and create a lease agreement with the fast ezLandlordForms Lease Builder Wizard. Some landlords upgrade to the Pro-Lease, a state-specific lease with an electronic signature. Use the easy-to-follow prompts and watch the video on the site for further information on creating a dynamic lease agreement.

Get tenant screening forms, tenant notice forms, and move-out notices at ezlandlordForms, the go-to tool for a state-specific, fully customizable lease agreement,

Contact a Real Estate Attorney to Devise a Lease Agreement Form

Property owners who consult a real estate attorney to obtain a lease agreement form or other necessary forms know that the attorney has knowledge of state landlord-tenant laws. An attorney has the ability to create a comprehensive lease agreement form that explains the terms of the lease, the date that it starts and ends, and the rights and responsibilities of each of the parties.

Attorneys also have the expertise to conduct tenant screenings for landlords. They can advise property owners on other matters related to being a great landlord. Keep in mind that although many attorneys offer a free consultation, there are likely fees for creating the forms, ongoing communications, and other attorney fees.

One issue is that a landlord, like other clients, may not be able to get an appointment right away with their attorney. Landlords likely need their lease agreement form and other forms right away to avoid delaying renting their property and possibly losing a good tenant who may not want to wait for the landlord to obtain forms from an attorney.

Search for Online Tools to Create a Proper Lease Agreement

Some sites offer free form builder or online templates so that landlords can create a lease agreement. Property owners often need other forms related to the tenancy of their rental property. Examples include a tenant screening form, addendum to the original lease, notice to enter the premises or notice to leave the premises.

All sites may not offer all of the forms that landlords need related to property rentals. Do you want to have to visit several sites to obtain the correct template to create every form? Consider this possibility when thinking about using other sites.

Is the site really safe? Is there a fee for using the site services to create a simple lease agreement form? Consider these possibilities before using the site’s services.

Create Your Own Lease Agreement Form

Landlords may assume that creating a lease agreement is a simple process. Most landlords likely do not have the legal expertise to state the lease terms or to make sure that it complies with the law.

Landlords who reside in another state may not realize that the lease and other forms need to comply with the state laws where the property is located, not the state where the landlord resides on a permanent basis. Property owners may think that they can put anything they want to include on a lease agreement form, when in fact, doing so may result in including terms that violate landlord-tenant laws.

Landlords may not have the expertise to create a binding document for other reasons, such as a notice to enter the premises, a notice to leave the premises, or a notice of eviction. Sites that offer these forms likely offer state-specific forms that comply with all state statutes concerning landlords and tenant agreements and forms.

Check the State Statutes Before Creating a Rental Lease

Every state has landlord-tenant statutes. The laws that govern landlords and tenants are usually listed under the real estate codes in the state. One example is that Chapter 118A of the Nevada Revised Statutes pertains to landlord-tenant law. Ohio revised Code 5321 pertains to landlord tenant laws for rental properties in Ohio.

The laws are lengthy and comprehensive in every state. Many landlords likely rely on using a site that guarantees that their forms comply with the laws of every individual state when they need a lease agreement form and when they need other landlord-tenant forms.


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