Living the Sunshine Way: Moving to Antigua and Barbuda

May 30, 2022

The light of the rising sun hits her full on the face. She grimaces, reluctantly opening her eyes. Immediately, her gaze is drawn to the placid, emerald-like waters of the ocean beyond her bedroom balcony, and a sigh of satisfaction escapes her lips.

The glorious scene reminds her anew why she prefers sleeping with the curtains open — even if the sun does wake her up earlier than she would like. She says a prayer of thanks that she bought Caribbean real estate when she did and seized the opportunity to move to Antigua and Barbuda when it was offered. She hurriedly puts her swimsuit on, excited to take a dip in the warm tropical waters and run on the powdery stretch of sand that will take her there.

Don't you wish you could join her? Better yet, why not be like her? You can move to and live in Antigua and Barbuda yourself.

There are several ways you can do this. First, you can work there with a work permit. How about a residency permit? The best option, however, is dual citizenship.

Apply to become an Antigua and Barbuda citizen without losing your current citizenship through the Antigua and Barbuda citizenship by investment program. This will gain you an unrestricted right to reside in or keep coming back to this Caribbean gem of a country and, as one song goes, "live life the sunshine way."

The Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program

The citizenship by investment program is a convenient channel by which those with the means to invest can gain a second home in Antigua and Barbuda.

There are four routes to citizenship in the Antigua and Barbuda citizenship by investment program.

National Development Fund Contribution

A sole applicant or an applicant representing a family of four will need to contribute USD 100,000 to the country's National Development Fund. Meanwhile, a family of five or more has to contribute USD 125,000.

Aside from the fund contribution, applicants must pay due diligence fees and government processing fees. The processing fee is USD 30,000 plus an additional USD 15,000 for every family member in excess of four.

University of the West Indies Fund

This is similar to the above, but it can be a better fit for bigger families with a child approaching college age. This option comes with a one-year full-tuition scholarship at the University of the West Indies for one member of the applicant's family.

An applicant with a family of six or more members can apply for citizenship through this route by paying a one-time USD 150,000 contribution to the University of the West Indies Fund. This is inclusive of processing fees but exclusive of due diligence fees.

Families of seven members or more must pay the same amount, but they will have to pay an additional USD 15,000 for every member over six.

Business Investment

If you plan to create value through business investment, you may do that and gain citizenship in exchange.

The principal applicant can make a minimum of USD 1,500,000 investment in an approved business. Alternatively, he can jointly apply with others, as long as collectively, the whole group invests at least USD 5,000,000, and the applicants individually contribute at least USD 400,000 to the investment fund.

As usual, applicants can include their families in their applications. For families of four or fewer, the processing fee is USD 30,000.

Real Estate Investment

To gain citizenship through this route, the principal applicant must purchase real estate worth at least USD 400,000 from a pre-approved or designated development. He must also pay the requisite processing and due diligence fees.

A more affordable alternative is a joint application for two applicants. In this case, the two applicants will jointly purchase a property worth at least USD 400,000, and each of the applicants must contribute at least USD 200,000 to the purchase money.

Finally, two or more applicants may also band together to buy more expensive property. The applicants can purchase said property through a non-profit company. The company must assign all of its shares to the applicants, clearly establish beneficial ownership to these applicants, and comply with other government regulations. Every applicant must also contribute at least USD 400,000.

If you use the citizenship by real estate purchase route, you cannot sell the Antigua and Barbuda property you used in your citizenship application until five years after the purchase unless you replace it with another approved and designated real estate.

Buying Real Estate: The Best Route

If your goal is to move to Antigua and Barbuda permanently — or get the option to stay for months on end in this beautiful country — citizenship by real estate purchase is the best option. This ensures you have security and unimpeded entry to Antigua and Barbuda and provides you with a home in the Caribbean.

Where should you buy real estate in Antigua and Barbuda? You can check the Antigua and Barbuda citizenship by investment program website for a list of government-approved and designated real estate developments.

Here are a few of the Antigua and Barbuda real estate developments you can check out.

The Beach Houses

This is a luxurious development on Falmouth Harbour in Antigua. There are only 12 beach houses available, each with private beach access and its own pool, deck, and outdoor shower. It's the quintessential luxurious beach house, providing privacy and seclusion but also convenient access to the English Harbour's high-end restaurants and amenities.

Ayers Creek

The Ayers Creek waterfront residences located in Nonsuch Bay, Antigua, provide a view of both the creek and the sea. The houses are designed in the Gregorian Colonial style and equipped with a private pool, a lounge area, a large terrace, and a private garden.

Verandah Estates

While it's not directly beachside, this gated community is just a short distance away from Long Bay Beach, one of Antigua's pristine swimming beaches. It is also close to the Devil's Bridge National Park and has direct access to Laury's Bay.

Verandah Estates residents have access to the facilities of the adjacent luxury resort development, The Verandah Resort and Spa, aside from having their own community park, children's play area, and other amenities. Imagine passing your days on your veranda, sipping your favorite premium-roast cold brew while enjoying the view of the beach or the garden.

Live the Dream in Antigua and Barbuda

Why suffer cold winters when you can live the sunny beach life in Antigua and Barbuda? Consider investing in Antigua and Barbuda real estate, gain second citizenship, and move to this warm, paradise-like Caribbean country for good.

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