Moving and Living in Los Angeles: Guide for Families

May 18, 2022

Moving with your family involves many tough decisions when you want the best for your children and pets. Assuming that you’re moving for a better job and financial prospects, several other criteria will factor in your search for the ideal neighborhood. Los Angeles is one of the best cities in California where families can put down roots and look forward to new beginnings.

With an array of different top-class neighborhoods, low crime rates, and excellent school districts, it’s hard to make a choice. Of course, the ultimate decision depends on your personal perceptions of the best place to live. It’s also understandable that you’ll pick a house and community according to affordability. So, here’s a quick overview of the questions to ask when figuring out the best from 400 unique neighborhoods in Los Angeles. Ready to know more?

Where will my children go to school while we live in LA?

Since you’re planning a lifetime stay in Los Angeles, work out the best school districts, both public and private. If the kids are young, you might need good daycare centers also. If you intend to send the kids to private schools, then where you live may not matter as much. That’s because enrollment does not depend on the location of the student’s home. Here are a few options you could consider:

  • La Canada Unified School District
  • San Marino Unified School District
  • Arcadia Unified School District
  • Rise Kohyang Middle School
  • Pasadena Unified School District

What are the recreational facilities in LA?

What do you do as a family on holidays, weekends, or PTO from work? This is a question that also needs to be answered when selecting a place to live in LA. Does your family enjoy soccer matches or going to the movies? Or maybe, the kids love amusement parks, the aquarium, or arts and crafts. LA has tons of venues where your kids can indulge in their favorite hobbies and leisure activities. Living closer to the city’s prime attractions could be expensive. So, you could pick neighborhoods close by or use the extensive public transportation services in Los Angeles to reach destinations like:

  • Disneyland
  • SeaWorld San Diego
  • Pacific Park
  • Legoland Californian Resort
  • Universal Studios

Where can I take the kids for outdoor activities?

Even if you aren’t an active outdoor person, you will want to have a space where you can let your kids burn off the excess energy they have outside of your home or apartment building. It’s really good to have a park that is close by, so this is something that you might want to consider when selecting a place to live.

  • Kidspace Children's Museum
  • Candy Land Indoor Playground
  • Adventure City
  • Wildlife Learning Center
  • Pirate Park

Are there adequate healthcare facilities?

Proximity to good healthcare facilities is likely another of your top priorities when selecting the right place to live. If you’re looking for top-class pediatric care, here are some of the best places to check:

  • Children's Hospital Los Angeles
  • MemorialCare Miller Children's and Women's Hospital Long Beach
  • Healthbridge Children's Hospital
  • CHOC Children's Hospital
  • UCLA Mattel Children's Hospital

Can I find reliable moving services?

Finding a reputable moving company to help you with the relocation and settling in is likely another of your main concerns. Look for people who have decades worth of experience handling moves and are also experienced in handling toys and other kiddie belongings. Check around for quotes from the top Los Angeles movers and pick capable crews. You’ll also get tips on the best days and weather to plan the move.

The answers to these questions should give you a fair overview of how to choose the best locations to buy or rent a home and start a new life in Los Angeles, the City of Angels.


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