Planning a Kitchen: Practical Tips for Designing a New Space

May 2, 2022

The kitchen is a truly unique place in any home. Since it’s the place where the owners spend most of their time cooking meals and hosting guests, the room should be both beautiful and functional. It’s worth remembering that the renovated kitchen is not only about new appliances, materials for facades and a modern countertop. A new kitchen is also a type of layout that is perfect for using the available space economically. Planner5d is an excellent kitchen planner who’ll carry out individual work with the space to create maximum comfort and coziness.

Rules of Creating a Convenient Kitchen’s Layout

The kitchen’s layout depends on many factors, such as the room’s location in the apartment, its size, shape, the number of family members and the utilities’ locations. All these points need to be taken into account at the design project development stage and before the purchase of furniture. There are a number of rules, compliance with which will be the key to creating a functional and safe space:

  1. It’s necessary to decide on a design project long before the start. Once it’s known exactly where the sink, stove or hob, refrigerator and other equipment will be located, all the supply communications (drain pipes, gas supply (if there’s one), sockets, wiring for the hood) will then be installed in the right place.
  2. The basis of a competent kitchen layout is the triangle rule. The activity zone in the kitchen consists of 3 main elements: a refrigerator, a stove and a sink (they are located in the corners of an imaginary triangle). The owner of the room saves time and effort when nothing prevents them from moving between the kitchen parts.
  3. Choosing the correct location of the stove and sink. For safety reasons, the stove and the sink should be separated from each other by some distance. But it’s also undesirable to place the sink further than 2.5 m from the water pipe risers. This may worsen the water pressure.
  4. The width of the aisles. To ensure free movement between kitchen furniture, the width of the aisles should be approximately 1.2 m. If the room is equipped with access to a veranda or terrace, for example, in a country house, we recommend leaving wider passages — up to 1.8 m.

You can also use your inspiration when planning, but don’t forget about the triangle rule: a stove, sink, and refrigerator are the three objects the kitchen life revolves around, so access to them should be easy, and the passage should be free.

Types of Kitchen Layouts

Regardless of which kitchen you get, it needs to be arranged conveniently to cook and store food. A properly designed kitchen minimizes movement during cooking and saves time. All existing layouts can be divided into three main types:

  1. Linear kitchen. The most economical option for a kitchen set is a straight one, when the work surface is stretched along one wall. Most often it’s used in small-sized rooms to save square meters and allocate space for a dining area without loss. This option is also suitable for those who rarely cook and keep a minimum of necessary items in the kitchen.
  2. Parallel kitchen. The arrangement of kitchen furniture in two parallel rows is practical when the room has the shape of an elongated rectangle. Often it’s a part of a redeveloped apartment where the kitchen is combined with part of the corridor. As a rule, one side is used as a working area, and along the second side there is a refrigerator and cupboards for dishes (variations can be very different).
  3. Corner kitchen. An L-shaped kitchen is a good option for both large and small rooms. This type of layout allows the most functional use of space. If the room is small, the work surface is made of standard width. The second part of the structure can be narrower: 50 or 45 cm. If the area allows, there’s a place for a dining area in the middle.

Even the smallest space can be arranged wisely and accommodate all the necessary elements. By choosing a decent planner company, you’ll get a high-quality kitchen and will be able not only to cook food there, but also to relax.


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