Pre-settlement House Inspection Checklist For New Buyers

May 23, 2022


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Have you ever wondered what can go wrong while buying a house? Well, a lot. Buying a home is an exciting journey but one with many stumbling blocks. One of the worst nightmares after buying a house is finding out about issues that were not disclosed in the initial proceedings. This is why pre-settlement house inspection is a vital process that shouldn’t be ignored when buying a new house.

Usually, you can practice your right for inspection as an owner a week before the settlement to make sure everything is the same as the first time when contracts were exchanged. If you don't know what to look for during such an inspection, then this checklist is just what you need. If you don’t want your house settlement venture to cost you a fortune, this pre-settlement inspection checklist will safeguard you from unforeseen costs and help you cut down on renovation costs to a considerable extent. Let’s begin exploring!

1. Vendor List

During the initial purchase, the seller or vendor should give a complete list of items and other accessories that come with the house. When performing a pre-settlement inspection after receiving the property from the renter, bring that contract of sale with you. In most cases, the initial contract of sale is enough for a pre-settlement inspection.

2. Doors

Doors can easily be damaged or develop issues with locks over time. Always check each door has a functioning lock accompanied with a key. Similarly, check the doorbells and garage doors to make sure they work. Doors should be the first item to inspect on your checklist; therefore, take your time with it.

3. Windows

Windows are like the eyes of the house; therefore, they should be inspected thoroughly. Start by looking at the condition of the windows, check if they properly slide, highlight the broken ones and confirm their lock and key mechanism. Once done, check the curtains and blinds for any damages or tears.

4. Kitchen

This is the most used place in your house; therefore, checking for appliances and other issues is vital. Check the appliances such as oven, dishwasher, garbage disposal, exhaust fans, and stoves. Look for any switch flaws by turning them on and off. Similarly, check the faucets and sink for any leakage or low pressure to ensure everything is in working order.

5. Bedrooms

Next up, check all the bedrooms in the house for any possible issues. Start by checking the heating and air-conditioning systems, as any issues there will be expensive to fix. Once satisfied, check the lights and other fixtures in the room, such as power outlets, smoke detectors, and closets. While checking, also include the living room in your inspection.

6. Bathrooms

You might find some issues as there can be leakage and other problems. Always check the taps, sink, bathtub, exhaust, and toilet before finalizing the deal. Don't take a chance if you find a problem, as bathroom issues are complex and costly to fix.

7. Exterior

This should be the last thing on your checklist, as it doesn't require much time. Check the paint, fences, sprinkling system, gutters, and other materials outside the house before buying.

Pre-settlement house inspection checklist can save new buyers from a lot of trouble with buying a new house. Always perform a pre-settlement check for extra peace of mind based on the above list.



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