Questions to Ask When Hiring a Commercial Landscape Company

May 5, 2022


Questions to Ask When Hiring a Commercial Landscape Company

Effective landscaping can help make a great first impression of your business property.

You’ve worked hard to make your business what it is today and now you want to create a professional, welcoming appearance for your customers and employees. Landscaping can help, especially if you work in an area where you have competition.

Effective landscaping can draw attention to your business and it can also boost your property value, attract more customers, and improve employee morale. So, how do you choose the best commercial landscaping services? Read on to find out!

How many years have you been in the landscaping industry?

There are several key questions to consider when hiring a landscaper to ensure you are getting the best value for your money and that the job is done right. The first is how many years the company has been in business. This can give you an idea of their level of experience.

In addition, it's crucial to find out if they are familiar with local plants and weather conditions as well as any knowledge of current trends in landscaping. A seasoned contractor who has served the area for some time should have this information at their fingertips.

Do you have insurance?

Asking a commercial landscaping company like Parkyn Landscape and Hardscape if they have insurance is a must. It ensures that the company and its employees are financially responsible for any damage they may cause while working on your property. It's essential to ask about insurance policies because coverage can vary. For example, most companies will have general liability coverage but may not have workers' compensation.

You can even request proof of insurance during your first consultation with them. This helps prevent fraud and ensures you're considering a reputable business.

What is your plan for this commercial property to make it attractive?

The ideal Home And Garden Companies should have a plan for improving the overall look and feel of your property. Ask them what plants they intend to use, how they plan to enhance curb appeal, and how they will improve the overall look of your property. Make sure that the company includes different colors and textures in its plans to make your property stand out.

What type of watering schedule do you propose, and how long will it take to water the property?


This is an important question to ask a commercial landscape company. The type of watering schedule will determine how healthy your plants and lawns are, particularly in hot climates.

Ask how often they plan to water your property and if they will use sprinkler systems or not. If they plan to use sprinklers, you should also inquire about their irrigation system repair policies as well as their maintenance strategies for keeping the sprinklers working correctly throughout the year.

Also, ask about the watering schedule that’s being proposed. Watering at certain times of day can be more effective than others (morning and evening are preferable), so a landscaping company must know what time is best for your property.

Do you provide any guarantees with your work?

While searching for a commercial landscaper, you may also want to ask what guarantees they offer on their work. This way, you'll know what happens if something goes wrong. For example, one landscaping company might offer a 10-year warranty on tree installation. However, a different company might not guarantee tree installation at all or only offer a two-year warranty.

You’ll need to know how long it takes for them to fix any problems that arise during the warranty period. You don't want to have an issue in your landscape and then have to wait several months before anything is done about it, so make sure this timeline is clearly defined before hiring.

How often do you recommend maintenance?

Maintaining a commercial property should be based on its size and use. For example, a large parking lot with many vehicles coming in and out, or an apartment complex with many tenants will have different maintenance requirements than a smaller office building. There is no standard for how often you should maintain your property, but instead, consider what makes sense for your needs.

After having a conversation about the aesthetics you would like to see from your landscaping, ask the company if they recommend any other services that can ensure that they are maintained well. Some examples include tree trimming or pruning, irrigation services, and monitoring soil conditions.

How often will you mow and maintain my lawn?


This may seem obvious, but some landscaping companies are less than forthcoming about the details. You want to get a specific answer as to how frequently your lawn will be mowed and trimmed - along with what other maintenance they will provide.

This should include weeding, edging, keeping trees pruning bushes, as well as applying fertilizer and mulch. A good full-service company makes sure your lawn is healthy and growing properly. They should also keep it looking neat by clearing away sticks, leaves, and other debris that accumulate on the property.


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