Rent Your Own House Online, without an Agent!

May 13, 2022

Are you a homeowner who has not been able to find tenants for rent? Then do not worry about it. In today’s real estate marketplace, there are a lot of options for owners to rent or sell their property. While hiring real estate agents and property managers makes the owners pay hefty commission fees, renting your own house online can be a gratifying experience, both personally and monetarily. Online property listing portals like MTA are excellent for homeowners and real estate investors looking for renters.

In addition, there are tons of online services dedicated to helping you advertise your property for rent by the owner. Listing your property online will allow you to post a detailed description of your property, along with photographs and floor plans. While listing your property, there are lots of things to be taken into consideration such as the location of the assets, facilities, configuration, provided/unfurnished repute, price and so forth. Make sure you explain each of these aspects appropriately to make the client know your property well. Also, don't upload any information that is irrelevant, making your description prolonged and meaningless.

The key aspect here is setting and establishing the rent for your property. The quickest and easiest way to determine the right price is to compare other similar properties in your area. Compare your property to others in terms of total area, the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and rent you expect.

After you decide on the rent amount, think about the type of tenant you would prefer and how many tenants you will allow to stay at your place. Primarily, this aspect depends on the size of the place that you are renting. It is wise to draw up a contract and outline your terms and conditions. Doing this will save you from any confusion and miscommunication at a later stage. Of course, to reach a satisfactory ending, renting your own homes must have clear legal agreements outlining every element of the lease and sale in future, between the proprietor and the renter.

Benefits of listing the property online for rent

  • Whether residential or commercial, listing the property online means making it available to millions of potential investors, buyers and renters. This is not easily achievable in real-time if you opt for conventional methods like advertising in the newspapers or handing out flyers. Whereas, the online property portals make you reach more people with fewer efforts from your side.
  • Additionally, real estate portals are more informative and engaging. Normally, they accommodate plenty of property photos so as to attract a potential buyer.
  • What’s more, is the cost-effectiveness of the online resources. This cannot be overemphasized as it allows you to create the perfect online presence within your budget.
  • You may take the smartest decision ever by choosing to list your property on the internet. You increase the number of people who will get to see your advert and make enquiries about it. This tends to shorten your renting process because your possibilities of finding a tenant who would love the assets will become a whole lot easier.

So give yourself an edge in the property market and get ahead of other owners by listing your property online.


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