Simple Steps to Getting A Good Night's Sleep

May 20, 2022


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If you have difficulty sleeping, you probably already know how amazing a good night's sleep can be. But if the last time you had a good night's sleep was a while ago now, and you are dealing with daily exhaustion and general fuzzy memory, then here are some tips that can give you the rest you deserve.

Plan Early

One of the amazing things about our brains is that they love to have a routine. And getting a good night's sleep is no exception. You can build in visual cues, audio cues, and even scents that start to get your brain into sleep mode.

Rather than go to bed at 10 pm and assume that you will be able to sleep, start earlier in the evening. Around 2 hours before you want to sleep, you should start winding down.


One of the coolest things on the market that won't break the bank is pillow and room spray. They are often made with essential oils and are designed to help us relax. They will constrain chamomile, lavender, and other gentle scents most of the time.

Although you can find a room spray with the scents that you feel work best for you.

If room sprays aren't your thing and you prefer to have something you can build, then pulse point roller balls can be the perfect option. Start applying it when you hit the two-hours before bed marker, and slowly add more as the evening goes on.


Laying down night after night on a mattress that is long past its best or with a bed frame that creaks and cracks all through the night isn't going to help. Investing in a high-quality frame and mattress from Divan Beds Centre.

The type of quilt and sheets you have on your bed will also have a huge impact on how comfortable you are. Duvets come in different togs, and many people mistake not switching out their duvets when the seasons change. A higher tog means the duvet will retain heat and a lower one means it is more breathable. A winter tog is typically over 12, and a summer tog is around 3. Being too hot or too cold can play havoc with your comfort as you are resting.

Choosing sheets that are breathable and have as high a percentage of cotton as possible will help you to maintain a steady body temperature throughout the night.


Unless you listen to ambient music or a sleep story on your phone, it's time to put the technology away. Even if you switch your devices into night mode, the light will keep you awake and alert long past your bedtime.

Many people are in the habit of scrolling through their phones for a while to 'unwind'; however, this action keeps your brain engaged, even if you think you are relaxing.

Switching to reading a book or doing crossword puzzles can positively impact how quickly you manage to get to sleep.


If you try not to drink too much after a certain time of day, so you don't need to wake up to use the toilet - you're doing yourself a disservice. When we get thirsty, our bodies are more likely to wake us up to have a glass of water.

Once you get up, you might be tempted to reach for your mobile phone to check for messages, and before you know it, two hours have whizzed by - and you're awake but tired.

Try to stay hydrated throughout the day, and you will avoid getting into this cycle.

Stop Trying

One thing that many of us get wrong, and we often even mention it to our children, is to try and go to sleep. Conversely, your brain stays engaged to see if you have gone to sleep yet when you try to sleep. What this means is that by trying to sleep, you are keeping yourself awake.

Instead of trying to go to sleep, aim to get comfortable and relax.

So next time you are struggling to get some shut-eye, try a few of these tips to see some success.



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