Simple Tips To Help With Leather Sofa Cleaning

May 5, 2022

cleaning leather sofa at home

Leather sofas are a popular choice and for good reason. Leather is generally much more durable than other options, it’s softer, and looks better in any space compared to the fabric sofa options.

Of course, it’s also cold to sit on, although there are various techniques to help prevent this. It’s also generally easier to clean that fabric.

The following tips will help to ensure your leather sofa stays clean and looking as good as when you bought it.

Regular Professional Cleaning

It is worth noting that, although you can and should take good care of your leather sofa, there are times when a professional leather upholstery cleaning is the right option.

The main time this service should be utilized is when you have spilt something on the sofa and are unable to get it out. The professionals will be able to assist.

It’s also a good idea to have a professional clean once a year. This will help to backup your cleaning routine and make sure your leather sofa looks as good as it should.

A professional clean is an investment as it will help your sofa to last even longer.

Vacuum First

The best way to keep your leather sofa clean is to vacuum it on a daily basis. Use the soft brush attachment and get into all the nooks and crannies on your sofa. This will remove debris that can rub and cause damage to the leather material.

It is important to move the vacuum slowly over the sofa. It will help to ensure you get all the crumbs without damaging the finish.

Soap & Water

Leather sofas are designed to be easily wiped. In many cases, a damp cloth will remove a spill before it has the chance to sink in and stain the sofa. Of course, if you’re spilling liquid the best option is to blot the spill as opposed to wiping it and spreading the liquid further.

But, whether a damp cloth removes the marks or not, you should periodically wash the sofa with warm water and normal dish soap. Just make sure it’s a mild soap.

It’s best to use a microfibre cloth and wipe the sofa over first with warm water and soap. Then, give it a second wipe with just warm water, and finish with a dry cloth. Just remember to be gentle, you shouldn’t need to scrub the sofa as this will almost certainly damage the finish

Specialist Cleaners

If the soap and warm water haven’t worked then you’ll need to invest n specialist leather cleaners. You’ll find your local store has several suitable products. The instructions regarding use are on the bottle. But, before you start using it you should do a test.

That means using a little of the product on an inconspicuous area of the sofa. It confirms that it won’t damage the leather and will allow you to confidently use it on the rest of the sofa.

Again, you’ll need to be gentle with your approach to ensure it cleans without damaging it.


Conditioning a leather sofa is similar to moisturizing. It’s important to stop the leather from drying out and cracking. There are plenty of leather conditioners on the market. You’ll need to choose one that is suitable for your couch and, again, tests it on a small area first.

By applying conditioning once every 3-6 months, after thoroughly cleaning the sofa, you’ll be able to make it look and feel like new.

In fact, with the right amount of care, it’s likely that your leather sofa will feel softer than when you purchased it

Vinegar As A Cleaning Solution

Vinegar is one of those great substances that everyone has at home and can be used to clean a wide variety of surfaces and materials. It’s great on glass and surprisingly good on leather.

You’ll want to mix a little vinegar with the same amount of water and then dip your cloth into the solution. Make sure your cloth is damp, not wet, then gently wash the sofa. It is worth doing a test piece first. This is always a good idea regardless of how many times you have used a specific product before.

Make sure you dry a leather sofa after cleaning, it reduces the likelihood of mould or mildew starting to grow.

But, remember, there will be times when you are struggling to remove dirt from the leather sofa. That’s when you call the professionals and help to keep your sofa looking fantastic.


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