Simplest ways to save on electricity bills of your home

May 21, 2022

High electric power increases harmful gas emissions while consuming more natural resources. It leads to global warming, health issues, acid rain, and other calamities. Taking energy-saving measures helps to reduce the adverse effects and prevent climate change significantly. At the same time, you can cut down on utility expenses. If you are one of those homeowners concerned with high electricity bills, you have come to the right place. Here are some easy-to-follow hacks to save electrical power and cash.


Try air-drying options when you have free time. Dodge your hair dryer and let the hair get rid of moisture naturally. Air-dry your dishes instead of using the heat-dry mode of your dishwasher. Do the same with your clothes. Install a clothesline to hang dresses under the sun. It will give a fresher feel, which you can’t obtain from a laundry dryer. These simple methods will reduce the usage of electric machines.

Quick repair

Don't ignore warning signs from appliances. For example, AC’s freon leak causes an unusual hissing sound, water leak, hot air, increased utility cost, etc. If you notice any of them, call an ac refrigerant leak repair service as soon as possible. Ignoring the symptoms might reduce their lifespan and force all components to work harder. That’s why you will get a huge bill invoice.

Ceiling fan

Numerous studies prove that a ceiling fan takes up 90% less energy than an air conditioning system. Plus, it can deliver the same or better cooling effect. No wonder why fan users have to pay a small electricity fee.

Select the right cycle

Choose the required settings of a toaster, microwave, washing device, or dishwasher to get your chores done. Turn off them right after unloading your items. You can also set a timer if you are busy. This way, you don't have to pay for the extra energy the appliances waste.

Smart bulb

If you are still using traditional lighting, it’s time to replace them with LED bulbs. Although the price range is almost the same, they consume only 25% energy of regular CFL bulbs. Also, they are more long-lasting, so you don't have to spend money on purchasing new ones.

Smart plug

Smart sockets have been an integral part of home automation. Monitoring and controlling their performance is possible from a remote area. You can terminate all unnecessary systems by tapping a button on your smartphone. Some smart plugs even notify users when there is high energy consumption.

Go solar

Solar energy has endless environmental and human health benefits. These renewable systems minimize households' dependency on Grid. They can help congested areas with high electricity demand but low supply. And no need to mention that your utility bill will go down a lot.

Replace old devices

New appliances are energy-efficient because they are free from technique issues, breakage, leakage, or other malfunctions. As years pass, they start degrading and absorb more power. Therefore, you’ll see a rise in utility charges. Electric machines aren't cheap but you might buy two or more units with the extra charge you’re spending monthly.

Motion detector

Many people tend to leave their room without turning off lights and fans, especially when they’re about to go back in a while. They have no idea of how much energy they are wasting by doing so. Motion detectors can save their utility expenses. They activate automatically when they sense anyone’s presence and turn off otherwise.

Proper insulation

Well-insulated rooms give us the ultimate comfort in every weather. On the other hand, your expenses might spike if you don't seal windows, attics, basement, and walls. Since outer air gets chances to enter inside, the AC or heater has to stay on for an extended period.


Components like air filters and condenser coils are prone to be clogged with dirt, pet fur, and other contaminants. Then, they fail to operate normally and end up consuming way more electric power. So, you have to remove all particles using the right tools carefully.

Standby mode

The standby or sleep option is an amazing power-saving technique that allows you to re-activate systems quickly. It doesn't use as much power as active mode. If you use a gadget frequently but not 24/7, this setting will be your best friend.


Computers, television, oven, coffee maker, and toaster need a substantial amount even in standby mode. So, It is better to unplug items when their work is done. Make a habit of turning off most of the tools before leaving home.

Wash with cold water

Do you know that more than 85% of the power is invested in heating water? Switching to cold water can save additional electricity. If you think that hot water can always clean better, you’re mistaken. Normal water works great for various fabrics, especially the delicate ones.


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