The Best Custom Home Design Trends 2022

May 5, 2022

Every year trends change, although some staples remain. It doesn’t matter if you’re decorating a house, looking at what to wear, or trying to create the best possible custom-built homes. Trends change which is why you need to be aware of the latest trends and decide which are most relevant to your style and which you’ll be happy to keep year after year. After all, trends change annually but most people don’t re-design their home every year, especially if it’s custom-built.

Outdoor Elevations

Perhaps it is connected to the global pandemic but there has been a dramatic increase in interest in outdoor spaces. For 2022 the outdoor space is everything.

The latest trends dictate a space that is easily accessible from the house and feels like an extension of your home. In short, your outside entertaining area should feel like an extension of your living room.

For many, that means patio spaces and decking connected to the house with large glass doors. These can be slid aside to allow the two spaces to be connected.

Another popular addition to the outside space is a built-in outdoor kitchen or if you prefer, a dedicated pizza oven. To keep up with the latest design trends you’re going to need to make your outside space look like the inside. That means comfortable chairs, tables, lighting, and even outdoor rugs.

Relaxation Bathrooms

Alongside making the outside space a desirable area to spend most of your time, a popular trend for 2022 is to upgrade your bathroom. This means creating a shower and a bathtub that draw attention. Two-people showers, complete with jets are a great way to start this type of project. You can also indulge in a central, free-standing, bath or a tub with a spa function.

The choice is yours depending on your budget and what you will use. But, the theme is definitely to create a bathing experience that wows people as they walk in.

You can take this up a level by making sure your shower has a built-in wooden bench, helping to create the feel of a sauna.

Don’t forget that light n a bathroom is exceptionally important. You’ll want huge windows that make the space feel bright and inviting, while still retaining privacy.

If you’re undertaking a custom build there is no better time to add underfloor heating to your bathroom. It is on-trend and you’ll love the experience every time you step into the room.


It should come as no surprise that sustainability is becoming, a popular theme for 2022. The fact is that everyone is becoming more aware of the damage being done to the planet and the environmental issues we all face.

A big step individuals can make to help reduce the damage and save the planet is to adopt a more sustainable approach.

That’s made sustainability a trend for 2022.

You can start with low energy light bulbs but, if you’re building a custom home then you have the perfect opportunity to use recycled materials and invest in green energy sources, such as solar panels, geothermal heating systems, and even a wind turbine.

This can even be carried through into the furniture you choose, recycled or made from sustainable products is best. You’ll find an impressive array of options in various mainstream stores, you’re certain to find something that will delight and enhance your home.

Bold Colours

Another trend for 2022 that is worth considering is the addition of bold colours to your living space, specifically your kitchen. The aim is to make the essential items seem more than just necessities. Make them fun with bold colours and eye-catching detail. A great way to do this is by using patterned and colourful wallpaper on one wall and textured splashbacks behind the countertops.


Lighting is always important and part of any trend. But, it’s important not to overlook it. You need to ensure every room can be flooded with light, allowing you to see what you’re doing. Of course, adding dimmer options can also be beneficial to help you create the right ambience.

Task lighting is also useful when undertaking work from home or preparing something specific.

The style of your lights should also be bold. That doesn’t mean they have to be colourful. But, to be on-trend for 2022, your light fixtures should be noticeable and appealing to the eye. Another way you can add lighting and some decor pieces is by adding custom led neon signs on the wallswhich will look pretty eye-catching.

Final Thoughts

Of course, if you’re custom-building a home you need to consider all the above in conjunction with your own style. It’s important you choose wisely as you are unlikely to want to change the design every year. Getting your design right means staying true to who you are first and choosing the trends that appeal to you.


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