The Essential Roof Maintenance Checklist

May 26, 2022

If you do not want to pay a huge sum of money for roof repairs or replacement again, there is no other solution but to maintain it well. Frankly, maintaining a roof is not hard if you know how to do it properly. Hire roof inspection san Antonio.

Since the previous repairs burned a hole in your pocket, it's time to make a roof maintenance checklist and get done with it. The checklist should include the following;

  • Get rid of the hanging tree branches
  • Sweep clean the roof
  • Unclog gutters
  • Inspect the roof
  • Pay undivided attention to pipes, vents, and chimney
  • Get a professional inspection if there seems to be a problem
  • Vow to remain proactive to deal with issues early

Get rid of the hanging tree branches

As you are hell-bent on learning from your previous mistakes and maintaining your roof, the first step towards the goal should be to trim the trees. If the branches of the trees are resting on the roof, they can give birth to several issues. Do not feel bad about trimming the branches as these branches are good for the environment but not the roof. Therefore, you are chopping them off for good.

Sweep clean the roof

The roof would have dirt and debris already, branch trim will make it messier. Write down "Sweep clean the roof" in your notebook and try checking it off as soon as possible. Sweeping the roof is important not only to maintain it well but to make the inspection hassle-free.

Unclog gutters

The roof gutters can get clogged and cause great damage to the roof and foundation. When the gutter gets clogged, the water overflows and pools back onto the roof. If the issue is not resolved, it can cause shingles and other structural damage. Therefore, go examine the gutters and try cleaning and unclogging it.

Inspect the roof

Now that the roof is in better condition. Try inspecting the roof thoroughly. Write down all the issues you came across or you might come across in future to fix and check them off in the coming days.

Pay undivided attention to pipes, vents, and chimneys

While examining the roof and checking off the roof maintenance list, do not get the pipes, vents, and chimney to get neglected. Fortunately, the pipe, vents, and chimney issues can be fixed easily. These parts of the roof usually get unsealed, all you are required to do is reseal the openings to prevent any further damage.

Get a professional inspection if there seems to be a problem

If upon inspecting the roof, you notice one or two serious issues. It's better to hire a professional to find a solution. You can get rid of the elements causing damage and keep the roof clean. However, serious problems can only be resolved by a professional. Hire a professional to inspect and resolve all major and minor issues.

Vow to remain proactive to deal with issues early

When you check everything off the roof maintenance list, vow to be proactive in examining and dealing with the roof issues as early as possible.


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