The Top Budget-Friendly Electrical Extras Every New Build Needs

May 4, 2022

Building your own home is an exciting and rewarding task. There is nothing quite like watching the property come together and eventually being able to move into your dream home. You’re certainly not alone, building your own home is a popular option in Australia.

However, whether you are undertaking a new build or you have taken on an existing building in need of a lot of love, the overriding concern is whether you have enough funds to cover the project. Building or renovating costs a lot of money. That’s why it’s easy to cut corners whenever possible.

Of course, if you want your house to be a practical place to live, you need to recognize when costs can be cut and when you simply need to spend a little extra.

Electrics generally fall into this area. You can survive on the basics, but there are plenty of budget extras available which are worth including. Don’t forget, that electrical work is carefully regulated by the state. You will need the services of a qualified and reputable Sydney electrician. Do it yourself and your house will never comply with all existing regulations.

More Sockets

When building or renovating you are running power cables all across the house. It’s the only way to ensure power in all the rooms. Regardless of what you’ve planned, take this opportunity to add a few extra sockets to each room.

You can’t have too many and adding extras will barely make a difference to your budget.


You can opt for a single pendant-style light in the middle of the room. It’s a traditional approach and works for general spaces. But, if you want to make sure you have enough light for any task, you need to upgrade the pendent to downlighters and position them across the ceiling.

Add in LED bulbs and you’ll have as much light as you need without breaking the bank when you have them on. After all, LED lights are incredibly energy efficient.

Smart Functions

Most smart functions can be added afterwards by simply plugging devices in. However, it is worth looking at centralizing a hub and adding smart light switches and sockets during the build. The additional cost is surprisingly low and the system is perfectly incorporated into your home.

You’ll then be able to control your lighting from anywhere in the house or even when you’re out. It may seem like a gimmick but this is becoming increasingly important and even seen as a necessity by buyers. If you ever decide to sell you’ll be glad you added smart functions, it will increase the value of the property.

Under-Floor Heating System

Modern homes have increasingly environmentally friendly energy usage options. You can incorporate one of the best of these into your home while building or renovating it.

Underfloor heating involves placing pipes under the floor and running warm water through them. The pipes can be connected to a long pipe run that is buried several feet under the soil in your yard. At this depth, the soil always stays warm. This warmth is absorbed by the liquid inside the pipes and carried around your home. The only running cost is the pump.

Doing this during the build is easy. You don’t need to rip up floors and your yard is likely to be dug up already. It’s a cost-effective heating solution and environmentally friendly. It is also expensive to install after the house has been built.

Ceiling Fans

You may need to rely on air conditioning to help keep your house cool in the summer. But, you can also add a ceiling fan in the kitchen, living room, and other important spaces. This is much cheaper than the air conditioner yet still offers good cooling for most of the year.

The fan will boost airflow, helping to keep the house cool. At the same time, it will draw cool air up from the ground, cooling the room or the house. It can even be run in reverse in the winter, helping to keep the house warm.

Staying Secure

Again, new builds and renovations mean exposed wires and new cables. These are easy to install at this stage of the project and make it a sensible decision to add cable sleeves and a security system to your home.

Turning it on is up to you, but having it will make you feel more comfortable.

Taking a few moments to consider which electrical items you can add during a build for a little extra can save you a fortune in the future. It can even increase the value of your home.


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