Things to do to improve indoor air quality

May 21, 2022

We all are concerned about the air pollution caused by public transport, plastic bags, wildfires, garbage waste, industrial emissions, etc. But how many of us think about indoor air? Many studies claim that indoor pollution can be more severe than outdoors. Since we spend most of our time at home, we have to ensure that the air is safe to breathe in. You don't have to be a certified indoor air quality specialist to maintain the quality. In this post, we are sharing some effective and simple ways for your convenience.

Install kitchen vents

Cooking generates smoke and odor while raising the kitchen temperature. Working in such an environment can cause discomfort, skin irritation, eye irritation, coughing, and so on. A ventilation system can save us from these troubles. It sends the toxic particles or irritants outside within no time. At the same time, it contributes to temperature control, saves energy, and restricts bad smells.

Keep floor mats clean

A dirty carpet is full of dust, bacteria, germs, and allergens, which we can't see with bare eyes. No matter how clean the rest of your house is, these particles contaminate the air. They can worsen the condition of an asthma patient and lead to various health issues as well. That’s why regular vacuuming is mandatory. Once or twice a week is enough unless the carpets are in a crowded area. Make sure to deep-clean them professionally once in a while to enhance their appearance.

Open windows

Adequate airflow is a must to achieve a healthy living zone. Opening windows is the simplest solution to bring fresh outdoor air inside your home. It also allows sunlight to improve air quality by killing dust-living bacteria. Note that you should always keep the windows closed when the outdoor air is dirty.

Get indoor plants

Plants not only beautify the exterior but also purify the air. Devil’s ivy, peace lily, aloe vera, philodendron, spider plant, fern, and rubber plant are some popular options. They produce oxygen and absorb harmful gasses such as carbon dioxide, formaldehyde, VOCs, etc. As a result, your living environment will be fresher and easier to breathe.

Stop smoking

It is needless to say that cigarettes, roll-ups, and pipes cause cancers and other fatal diseases. The toxic substances also get mixed in the air. It is dangerous for children, the elderly, and other members who don't smoke at all. Smoking in other rooms or opening windows can’t help either. The only solution is to ban smoking for everyone's sake. Your health, family’s health, and the environment will thank you.

Store chemicals in a safe place

If harsh chemicals, pesticides, and solvents are dropped accidentally, they may cause serious injuries and air pollution. Always lock their jar tightly and keep them far away from your living zone. If possible, use their green/natural substitutes. For example, you can use a water-vinegar solution instead of a store-bought chemical cleaner.

Clean filters

Any gadgets with air filters require routine maintenance. They filter out a wide range of pollutants that clog the system gradually. Then, they either stop working or consume more energy than required. Besides, they will add up to our utility bill. You might witness this problem in the air-conditioner, vacuum cleaner, or dryer. So, clean those filters regularly and change them as directed.

Use eco-friendly doormat

Buying eco-friendly entrance mats helps both mother nature and your family. They don't contain toxic elements to contaminate indoor air. They also lessen pollutants carried by shoes. Better yet, take off your shoes before entering your home.

Eliminate odor

Many people try to cover unpleasant smells using air fresheners or perfume. It can make the odor stronger and piles up chemicals in your home. Ingredients used in the freshener have adverse health effects. Hence, limit their usage as much as you can. Opt for permanent solutions to remove odors. It might be a little bit time-consuming but worth it.

Take care of pets

Pets are not less than our family members. However, they might affect air quality if we are not conscious. Pet danders contain allergens, which travel through the air. They can settle on food, and water, and directly go inside our body while breathing. It is good to build separate furniture for your pets. Clean that furniture frequently to get rid of germs. Give your furry friend a regular bath, trim, and comb to limit the spread of allergens.

Clean floor

As dirt particles land on the ground eventually, we have to clean the floor religiously. Otherwise, it can pollute the air, stain the tiles and promote bacterial growth. Sweep and mop your floor whenever necessary. Try to avoid brooms because they tend to stir up more contaminants. Only a few remaining germs can grow in number and roam in the air. Therefore, don't miss any spots during cleaning.



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