Transport as a Service Digital Marketing

May 11, 2022


Today we are looking at Transport as a Service digital marketing.

In an economy that increasingly runs in real time, speed and time play a crucial role. This may seem obvious, but the implications for supply chains, logistics and the transportation sector are enormous.

Efficiency, optimization, speed and on-time delivery have always been critical in logistics and transportation. Today, in an accelerating development and an increasingly digital environment, where digital transformation and the rise of IoT are driving the next industrial revolution known as Industry 4.0, this becomes even more important.

We have already seen that speed is often a key differentiator in today's "digital business." When used correctly, speed is a competitive advantage. In another article, we also mentioned how the evolution of the real-time economy is impacting organizations.

Over 70% of executives agree that the transition to the real-time economy is impacting their organizational structure.

Research shows that 76.9% of executives agree or strongly agree that the shift to the real-time economy is impacting their business processes. And clearly, transportation and logistics (and supply chain) processes are ubiquitous and hyper-connected. Most executives also believe that the transition to a real-time economy is impacting their organizational structure and business strategy.

This should come as no surprise, and we are sure that if the same study were conducted today (it dates from late 2013), the results would be even higher.

The accelerators for the human and connected enterprise.

One of the many drivers is consumers, users, in other words people who expect more and are increasingly mobile. This is true across all industries, and customer experience and engagement are high on the priority list in the transportation and logistics industry as well.

Several developments, including mobility, have led to a change in behavior that is reinforced by the experiences customers are used to in contexts other than interactions and transactions with your company.

This is the famous "contagion effect." At the end of every supply chain is the end customer, just as at the end of every process is the user, logistics partner or other stakeholder. Customer centricity, or as Forrester calls it, the customer-centric operating model, is making itself felt everywhere.

For example, think about how Big Data aligns with fast data in the context of an enterprise that is aligned with the needs of its customers. Or how we are moving to the periphery for data analytics (edge computing and fog computing) in the context of the Internet of Things (IoT). Or how important it is to capture and process data quickly (without forgetting accuracy). The real-time economy is perhaps a bit of a misnomer, as real-time primarily describes capacity. Increasingly, however, we are finding that it is real.

Hyperconnectivity inherently involves the aspect of acceleration and speed. It's about the connectivity of processes, people, and the ways to use them.

CEOs consider mobile technology for customer interaction, cybersecurity tools and data analytics to be the top three areas to invest in.

An effective online presence is critical in today's transportation market. The team at Profitworks has more than 17 years of experience helping businesses in dozens of industries grow revenue faster, and we'd love to help your business, too.

We'll give you a detailed description of the key steps you need to take to ensure your business has an effective and ever-growing online presence.


Digital marketing for transportation as a service can help you grow your business.


Digital marketing for transportation as a service

Transportation-as-a-service, also known as mobility-as-a-service, is a growing trend where people are giving up owning their own vehicles and opting for ride services. This trend presents great opportunities for companies that provide ride services.

Here's how you can use digital marketing to support this type of business.

Step 1: Create a website.

If you want to use online marketing agency to grow your transportation services business, the first thing you need to do is create a website.

When a person is looking for transportation, the first thing they do is look online. If you don't have a website, they won't find you.


You need a website so customers can find you.


Step 2: Make your website mobile friendly.

Not only do you need a website, but it needs to be mobile friendly. The vast majority of people who search for a ride service online do so from a mobile device. In fact, more than 50% of internet traffic comes from mobile devices. So, you need to make sure your website is mobile-friendly.

Here are some ways you can make sure your website loads well and displays correctly on devices of all shapes and sizes:

  • Make sure your website is responsive, meaning it adapts to different screen sizes and is pleasant to look at.
  • Make sure it loads quickly.
  • Don't use ads and pop-up windows that block text.
  • Keep designs clean and simple.
  • Use large fonts.
  • Make sure your call-to-action buttons are large enough to be seen on a mobile device.


You need to make sure your website is mobile friendly.

Step 3: Increase loading speed.

Not only does your website need to be mobile-friendly, but it also needs to load quickly. When a person is looking for a ride, they usually don't want to wait for the website to load. If your website doesn't load within a few seconds, your potential customers will go to your competitor's website.

Here are some ways to increase loading speed:

  • Optimizing images on a page like Tiny JPEG.
  • Embedding file compression with software like Gzip.
  • Reducing the number of redirects.

Step 4: Make your website easy to navigate.

Your website should also be user-friendly and easy to navigate. Again, time is of the essence here. So, your customers need to be able to immediately see how to get in touch with you.

You should include call-to-action buttons that are immediately visible to ensure intuitive website navigation.

A digital marketing strategy for transportation-as-a-service should include creating an easy-to-navigate website.


Step 5: Optimize your website for search engines.

Next, optimize your website for search engines. Search engine optimization, or "SEO," is an ongoing process that makes your website more attractive to search engines like Google and Bing and allows them to rank it better.

In search engine optimization, you create lots of high-quality content and incorporate special SEO techniques that help your pages rank "organically" in the search engines. This is very important because most people searching for transportation as a service click on one of the first results that appear after a search query.

You need to make sure that your transportation services company appears in one of the first positions. If someone needs to find a hitchhiker quickly, they won't waste time scrolling through all the results that appear. They will be more likely to choose one of the first hits that are displayed.


Search engine optimization is a digital marketing method in the sense of "transportation as a service" that helps passengers find your business.


Step 6: Use a local search engine optimization strategy.

In addition to using general SEO techniques to help your website rank better, you should also use a local SEO strategy. A person looking for a ride will want to find a local business that caters to them. For example, they might use the search phrase "Uber pickup Waterloo" or "TaaS service near me."

You should search for the types of local keywords your target local customers are searching for, and then create content that focuses on those keywords. Also, be sure to set up your Google My Business account. This will also help you rank better in local search, as Google ranks local businesses by the location of the person searching.

Step 7: Leverage paid advertising.

If you want to expand the reach of digital marketing company for Transport-as-a-Service, you can use paid ads such as Google Ads or Microsoft Advertising in conjunction with your SEO efforts. Paid ads appear both at the top and bottom of search results, depending on the bid amount.

You pay a reward each time someone clicks on your ad. By using pay-per-click advertising, you can increase your visibility and increase the likelihood that someone will see your ad and click on your website.

Paid advertising and search engine optimization are a great combination for digital marketing "transportation as a service."


Step 8: Leverage social media.

Your digital marketing strategy for "transportation as a service" should also include a component that addresses social media. Using social media can help increase your visibility, build credibility, and drive potential customers to your website. You can set up Instagram, Facebook and Tik Tok accounts as part of your transportation-as-a-service digital marketing plan to connect with your target market.

Create fun videos that grab people's attention, such as:

  • A video that shows customers enjoying a stress-free ride and interacting with one of your personable drivers.
  • A funny video showing a man with a flat tire trying to change it while one of your customers is carefree driving in one of your cars.
  • A cat using your services.

Be creative and entertaining with your promotions, but be sure to regularly populate your social media accounts with new content.

Managing your social media accounts can be time-consuming, but if you do it right, it can make a real difference. Some companies have their accounts managed by another company that specializes in social media marketing, such as Relevantly.

Create fun videos as part of a digital marketing strategy for transportation-as-a-service.

Need help with digital marketing for transportation services? Get in touch with Profitworks.

If you need help with digital marketing for transportation services, let's talk. Profitworks Small Business Services offers digital marketing solutions including web design, search engine optimization, local search engine optimization, email marketing, website traffic and conversion optimization services that increase the number of sales generated through your website.

Through search engine optimization, you can achieve a higher return on investment.

The main goal of our services is to increase sales and ensure a positive return on investment. If you would like to learn more about Profitworks, click here to schedule an appointment to discuss how we can help you grow your online business.


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