Useful Tips On How To Improve Workplace Safety

May 27, 2022

Every workplace has its own risks. Even if you work in a nice office, on the 60th floor, there are some safety issues. Not to mention the jobs that take place on a construction site, or an oil rig. Wherever you earn your monthly or daily pay, your employer has to think about how they will establish and hold high standards of safety for every worker.

If we exclude the accidents, which are various and many, and happen every year, even every day (even in this day and age, which is much safer than ever before) – there is also violence that happens everywhere. According to OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration, of the US), almost 2 000 000 workers in the United States report that they have been victims of violence in the workplace every year.

Of course, in this post-pandemic era, we have to put some thought in how to prevent spreading the threats like COVID19 is and what it did to workers everywhere in the past couple of years.

In this article, we are going to cover some of the moves you can take as a CEO, or offer your clients if you offer safety management, in order to make one company’s employees feel completely safe at their everyday workplace.

Assess the company’s security

When starting the new safety system in your company, you should always start with an in-depth security assessment, in order to locate all the safety vulnerabilities. Consider your business’s individual needs, as you go through a thorough examination of all the possible threats. You can’t correct the weaknesses if you are not aware what they truly are.

Consider if the protocols of welcoming guests (and/or the employees) in your company’s building are the best they can be. Examine how public do you want your business to be, and which information is ok to be public. If your employees are handling cash, are they doing it publicly and is it safe enough? Check if the security codes are handled by people you trust, and if they are changed on the regular basis. Check the condition of the company’s vehicles, the parking places, etc. Check security cameras, and are they always active. Do you have health checks of your employees, and how strict is the company with sending people on sick leaves if they show the signs of respiratory viruses? Have you ever thought about things that you, as an employer, have to provide legally? Depending on the business of the company and the law in your country, certain items such as men's workwear in Australia may be required by law. Then you are not only in a moral obligation to provide additional protection to your employees - but the law can also oblige you to do so.

Train your employees on how to detect vulnerabilities regularly

Every employee should be aware that safety is definitely a crucial component in every business. CEO’s and mangers can’t really be everywhere at the same time, and know everything at every moment, so they should teach the employees how to detect and report all the possible vulnerabilities. If it is not possible to do it yourself, then hire professionals like to do annual or monthly training.

If possible, reward the employees who show the most enthusiasm about seeking and reporting the safety issues. Also, the company managers must encourage worker suggestions on how to improve safety, and, of course, respond to them.

Show the employees you really care

Whatever the situation is, and whichever kind of business you operate, always show the workers that the company cares about their physical and mental health, as well as their safety. The company should have a contract with local doctors, clinics, to do yearly checkups of all the employees. It is also important to have a contract with orthopedic doctors or ergonomists to be able to come to the work site if necessary.

This is also a good opportunity for the workers to ask for advice on preventing injuries and handle health issues they are worried about. This is the kind of special care with which you show your employees that one of your primary intentions is to keep everyone safe.

Set and always improve emergency and safety protocols

Some emergencies really can’t be expected. Fires and floods are sometimes preventative, but not always. Earthquakes and tornados are even harder to predict. Therefore, the company must always be prepared to save all the people in the building from any harm. Set the protocols, create an emergency plan, using professional services. Teach all of your employees how to follow them, and also put the information and instructions about them throughout the building.

If possible, always invest and improve the ways to prevent disasters, work on the isolations, security locks as well as the exits, security guards, connections with local emergency services, etc.

These are just some of the ways to improve the safety of your workplace, and keep your employees confident in staying healthy and sound. If you show a little care, everybody will be more motivated to cooperate with addressing the security issues. Every little step counts, and it all leads to more productivity, more progress, more satisfaction and loyalty of every single worker.



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