What to Expect When You Hire a Birth Injury Lawyer

May 7, 2022

If you recently gave birth and experienced a birth injury, you might be wondering if there's something you can do. If you're looking for fair compensation, make sure to work with a qualified birth injury lawyer. Here's what you can expect from your lawyer.

What to Expect When You Hire a Birth Injury Lawyer

Regular Communication

One of the most important things to expect from your lawyer is communication. A good lawyer should be available to you when you need them so that all of your questions get answered promptly. And as a layperson, you are likely to have several questions.

When you work with a qualified Baltimore birth injury lawyer, you should expect to have all your emails and calls answered quickly. If you are having trouble getting in touch with your lawyer or you don't feel that your lawyer is communicating well with you, it might be time to look for a new one.


Expert Guidance

Many people assume that they can navigate the law on their own. You might believe that representing yourself legally will help you save money while still getting a fair settlement for the birth injury that your baby experienced.

But you should avoid doing this, as you don't have the same training that a lawyer does. Lawyers spend years learning all the ins and outs and nuances of the law, and they'll be able to provide you with the advice and guidance that you need to win your case.


Strong Ethics

Going through something like a birth injury is a difficult thing. We trust doctors to look after us and keep us safe. When they don't do this and harm us, this can be an incredibly traumatic experience. You may find yourself struggling to trust the medical system the way you used to.

One thing you can count on is your lawyer's strong ethics. While you may have difficulty trusting the medical system, you can trust your lawyer to stay ethical throughout the entire process. Count on your confidentiality being respected, as well as your best interests and rights always being put first.


A Fair Settlement

Dealing with a birth injury is difficult. Regardless of how severe or mild your baby's injury is, dealing with the aftermath requires a lot of time, care, and money. There's no way to go back in time and prevent the issue from happening. But getting compensation can help you pay for the important medical care your baby needs.

Your doctor's insurance company may offer you an initial settlement. Your lawyer knows you do not have to accept this settlement. If together you decide the offer is not what your case is worth, your lawyer will help negotiate for what your case is worth.


All the Paperwork Dealt With

Legal battles involve a surprising amount of paperwork. It's important for all of this paperwork to be filled out properly and for it to get where it needs to go on time. If it's not, this can affect the success and validity of your case.

Balancing all this paperwork on top of being a new parent and dealing with a birth injury can feel impossible. That's why your lawyer is here to help. They know what needs to be filed and when, and they'll help keep all your paperwork organized.


Help Gathering Evidence

When you claim that you experienced an injury because of someone else's intentions or negligence, it's your job to prove to the judge or jury that the other party was at fault for what you've been through. However, it can be difficult for a layperson to know what kinds of evidence to gather.

Not only will your qualified lawyer be able to tell you what kind of evidence you need, but they'll help you gather it too. Your lawyer knows exactly what kinds of evidence will support your case and help you get the best possible outcome.


Compassion and Understanding

Dealing with something as stressful and traumatic as a birth injury can be incredibly isolating. You may feel alone and depressed, which might make dealing with your child's injury even more difficult. You deserve to be supported and listened to during this time.

When you work with a lawyer, especially one specializing in birth injuries, one thing you can always expect is compassion. Your lawyer understands how difficult what you're going through is, and they will help you get the justice and compensation that you and your baby deserve. You'll always feel supported with your lawyer by your side.

A birth injury is an incredibly difficult and traumatic thing. When doctors fail to keep us safe, this can change the way we look at the entire world. You should be fairly compensated for what you've experienced. Your lawyer will make sure that your rights are respected throughout every step of the process.



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