Why Homeowners Should Invest In Mattress Protectors

May 5, 2022

Mattresses are some of the most delicate home furnishings. They are prone to stains, moisture retention and infestation of bugs and mites. They need proper cleaning and protection to maintain their shape and function too.

Mattress protectors provide an efficient solution to keeping your bed clean. They are made with stain and water-resistant synthetic fabrics, serving as a layer of defense against dirt and moisture. If you’re looking to upgrade your bed, it’s one of the essentials you must consider.

Here’s why homeowners should invest in mattress protectors.

1. Prevents Permanent Stains

Mattresses are made with highly absorbent materials. If the cover is made with natural fabrics, it’s more likely to be stained by water or liquid spillage. The mattress’ cover alone or a typical bedsheet isn’t enough to serve as protection.

One of the many reasons mattress protectors are essential is to keep your mattress stain-free. Buying one, especially for the beds of children and older adults, is an investment in comfort and safety.

As mattress protectors are made with stain-resistant fabrics, liquid spillages don’t leave a permanent mark. You can easily wipe or wash them off.

2. Protects From Microbes And Allergens

Mattresses can be prone to dust accumulation. They can be hard to clean when dirt permeates the outer layer. This problem can trigger allergic reactions such as coughing, sneezing and breathing difficulties.

Investing in a mattress protector can help to keep your home allergy-free. Mattress protectors prevent microbes from getting through the cover. It’s a practical solution, especially for those residing in dusty and windy locations.

To ensure your bed is always dust-free, wash your mattress protectors with your bed sheets. You can do this at least once a week. Regularly vacuuming your mattress is also ideal.

3. Defends Against Moisture And Odour

Sweat and other bodily fluids can seep through your mattresses. Eventually, the bed may feel moist, and it’ll smell. Mattress protectors prevent this problem.

Keeping your bed fresh-smelling and dry is necessary for your comfort and health. Mattress protectors defend your mattresses against moisture and odour caused by many factors. They also protect you from harmful bacteria trapped in moisture that may cause skin irritation.

If you’re looking for a waterproof mattress protector, the ones made with polyester are ideal. However, there are also mixed fabrics that offer the same benefits but are more breathable.

4. Avoids Bed Bug Infestation

Bed bug infestation is every homeowner’s worst nightmare. These bugs are almost invisible, and detecting them early can be tricky. Once they’re in your home, your bed and other furniture and linens are highly vulnerable.

Some mattress protectors are specially made to protect you from bed bugs. Regular ones are placed like a typical fitted sheet. Bed bug-resistant ones usually come as encasements, securing the mattress on all sides.

Bed bug-resistant mattress protectors have a rigid membrane that the bugs can’t bite into. It’s the perfect solution to keep bed bugs at bay.

5. Easier Cleaning And Maintenance

When your mattress is stained, deep cleaning is necessary. You may need a wet vacuum to soak up moisture inside. It’s a huge hassle, especially for busy people.

Mattress protectors keep your bed easier to clean and maintain. You only need to wash the cover and vacuum the mattress during regular cleaning. However, deep cleaning every six months is still ideal for keeping it neat and clean inside.

6. Extends Mattress Life

Most mattresses don’t last long in their best condition due to a lack of protection. Frequent liquid spillage and exposure to dust and dirt may require constant deep cleaning. It’s easily worn when steam cleaned more often than recommended.

One of the practical ways to extend your mattress’ life is using a mattress protector. Instead of worrying about removing stains from the mattress cover, you only need to wash the protective sheet.

Moreover, investing in a mattress protector lets you benefit from the mattress’ warranty. Depending on the manufacturer, you may be offered a refund or replacement if the bed prematurely wears down.

7. Promotes Better Sleep Quality

There’s nothing more comfortable than sleeping on a clean and cool bed. Protecting your mattress from harmful elements is good for your health. You can sleep soundly without any skin or breathing irritations.

Mattress protectors are made with various comfortable and breathable fabrics such as cotton, wool and bamboo. If your priority is breathability, cotton and bamboo are the top choices. They’re soft on the skin, making it ideal for babies, kids and those with sensitive skin.

On the other hand, wool is perfect for colder climates. It serves as a good insulator, keeping you warm during winter. It’s also durable and comfortable to touch.

Synthetic fabrics like vinyl and polyester are ideal if you want a highly waterproof and bed bug-resistant mattress cover. However, some manufacturers also use a cotton mix for added breathability and softness.


Mattress protectors are excellent investments for every home. They keep you comfortable, safe and healthy.

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