12 DIY Living Room Decor Ideas Suitable for Kids

June 29, 2022

The living room is the first space a person notices when walking in. So, you always try to decorate it as nicely as possible. But, it can be hard to maintain the living space when you have kids.

So, try embracing your kid’s toys, books, art, etc., and add them as part of your living room decor. Give your living room a unique and playful look.

Don’t have any ideas about how to do it within a budget? Well, what if we say we can help you, and it’s all DIY ideas.

You won’t have to get noticeable changes done, nor do you have to bring anyone to help. Moreover, you and your kids can bond by making these DIY ideas, or you can also implement them yourself.

12 DIY Living Room Decor Ideas

Your kids’ mess won’t seem like a mess when you incorporate these 12 DIY ideas into your living room. Not only will it change the atmosphere but also be kid-friendly.

Moreover, creating a kids’ corner in the room will make it easier to decorate. You’ll surely enjoy making these crafts with your kids.

DIY# 1: Resin Kids Play Table

Resin is such a cool DIY to get different patterns easily. You can customize it however you want. All you need is a mold of any shape, your kids’ favorite colors, epoxy resin, and small star or animal charms. Now follow the UV resin guide from craft-art.com to make the resin table top. Then stick the top to an old kids' table for a new look and place it with chairs in the kids’ corner.

DIY# 2: Plush Animal Rug

Who doesn’t love plush toys? Grab your sewing kit and knit whichever plush animal rug you want. For example, if you're going to make a plush pig rug, grab a soft and fuzzy pink fabric and sew it together. Add the eyes, ears, nose, and a curly tail. Then place it near the kids’ play table.

DIY# 3: Frame Your Kids’ Artwork

Kids love to draw anytime and anywhere. Encourage them by framing their art in the living room. Choose your kids’ mismatching colors and designs and frame them in white or off-white frames. It will give the room a pop of color.

DIY# 4: Storage Box

If you have wooden boxes lying around the house, DIY them. Paint the boxes to look like oversized blocks and put a handle on the door. Place them in the kids' corner in the living room. Fill it with your kids’ favorite toys and books.

DIY# 5: Star-Shaped Throw Pillows

Make your living room a little more comfortable. Throw in some star pillows. All you need is the fabric of your choice, fabric glue, pillow stuffing, and pins. Fold the fabric in half and trace the star shape. Use pins to hold it together and start adding fabric glue to the end of the fabric. Don’t forget the pillow stuffing, so keep an opening and stuff it in. Seal with fabric glue and let it dry. All done!

A Tip: You can make any shape of throw pillows in this way.

DIY# 6: Add Paintings

Aside from the kids’ corner, your living room should look more kid-friendly. Add a wall painting to make the ambiance more delightful. You can add abstract colorful images, scenery, quotes, or hand-print pictures of the whole family.

DIY# 7: Add Ruffled Curtains

Children love ruffles because they can play with them. It’s even better when the curtains are ombre. Choose your color and buy them in lighter and darker shades. Then you’ll need two twin-sized bed sheets. Measure the window and cut the bed sheets accordingly. Now ruffle up the colored fabrics and sew them. Lastly, use fabric glue to glue it all on the bed sheet from lighter at the top to darker at the bottom.

DIY# 8: Toy Decor

You can use your kids’ old toys to make new decorations. For example, turn a broken car into a paperweight or make a photo frame with it. You can also make planters using old dinosaur toys. Just hollow the back side and add a plant.

DIY# 9: Soft Seating

Give your children more options to sit in the living room. Usually, kids don’t like sitting on anything uncomfortable. Make them a soft cactus stool. Get a triangular-shaped wooden podium. Stitch a cactus print fabric and fill it with soft pillow stuffing. Glue or nail it down to the podium. Moreover, you can also use bean bag chairs.

DIY# 10: Add String Lights

String lights make a room look aesthetic and don’t even cost that much. But to make things more interesting, you can nail down the shape of a moon, star, or heart and then slowly wrap the string lights on the nails. It will gradually take the desired shape and make the room feel more pleasing.

DIY# 11: Add a Whimsical Touch

If your child is a fan of fairies, butterflies, and pixie dust, then a butterfly, pixie dust garland will impress them. First, punch out the butterflies from old newspapers and put glue to sprinkle glitter over them. Measure the fishing line to the length of your window and stick the butterflies to it. Then cut out poster paper for the header and attach the fishing lines. All done!

DIY# 12: Add a Chalkboard

Give your kids something to draw on. Add a chalkboard at the entrance of the living room. Keep a bowl with different colors of chalk and tell them to write a greeting or draw a picture every day for people to see when they enter. It will make your kids feel more involved.

Let Your Kids Join In!

Why should grown-ups have all the fun? Let your kids get in on the fun of DIY crafts. Ask them if they want to add something to the decoration and involve them when creating DIY crafts from our twelve ideas. They will feel more comfortable by enjoying quality time with you.

If you plan to make your living room kid-friendly, avoid decorating with sharp furniture or objects. Moreover, our DIY ideas are already here to help you out. So, just have fun decorating!



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