3 Types Of Plumbing Issues And How To Avoid Them

June 24, 2022

Plumbing is the most valuable aspect of your house. However, common plumbing problems arise from time to time. In most cases, such issues occur due to the aging of the piping system. Therefore, you need to know about its maintenance to avoid frequent wear and tear.

But if any significant plumbing problem occurs, you should consider professional help. Visit allmastersplumbing.com and seek expert help and advice. They are skilled service providers and can help you with all plumbing issues.

Here are some common plumbing problems that everyone needs to know about.

Leaking Faucets

A leaky faucet creates nuisance in your house and leads to property damage. It can also injure your family members because they can fall on the floor due to the slipperiness. A leaking faucet leads to an increase in water bills. If you see a sudden rise in your water bills, the chances are high that some faucet is leaking in your home. You should take this situation seriously and try to fix it as soon as possible. Sometimes, DIY methods can help repair leaky faucets. You are only required to supplant the washer to prevent leakage.

Blocked Drains

If you see water coming back while you shower or wash your hands in the sink, it is an indication that the drain has been blocked. This problem mainly occurs in the toilets. And it requires your immediate attention. Find the cause of the blockage if you want to treat it. The jam is primarily caused when foreign particles build up in the pipes. It is not very tough to deal with the clogged drains, though, especially if you know the reason.

Ensure to only flush dissolvable waste items like tissues and toilet paper in the toilet. While taking a shower, you must use a hair catcher over the drainage pipe to prevent the loose hair strands from clogging the drains. Also, pay attention that your kids do not flush large toys in the toilet. If you see them doing this, you should make them understand the consequences nicely.

Low Water Pressure

This plumbing problem is common in old homes, but that does not mean it cannot occur in new ones. If you suddenly notice that the water pressure in the pipes is decreasing, you need to find out why it is happening. The issue occurs due to a few possible reasons. However, the leading cause is leaking a pipe in your home.

To find it, you need to close all the taps in your house and check your water meter. After a few hours, if the water meter reading changes, this implies a leaking pipe in your home. The other possible reason behind low water pressure is a build-up of sediments and minerals in the faucets or the pipes. If there is build-up in the taps, you need to unscrew its end and clean it thoroughly. You can also introduce a filtration system in your pipes to avoid any mineral build-up. Regularly check your home's piping system to find leaks at the early stage.


Plumbing problems can be very damaging to your property. Therefore, it is essential to identify the issues as early as possible to fix them. Common plumbing problems include blocked drains, leaking faucets, and decreasing water pressure. Treating the clogged drains is not that tough. You need to ensure that no foreign particles enter the pipes. Regular cleaning of the faucets and piping system will help prevent these annoying issues.



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