5 Benefits of Owning an Equestrian Property

June 25, 2022


Horses are majestic creatures that need space and love. If you own a horse, you have a couple of choices. You can either board your horse at a facility where they have a stall and a pasture. You might need to travel to feed and take care of them, but often the facility will provide basic care. Your horse will share space with others. OR you can invest in a property where you have a space for your horse and are responsible for their care. Here are our top 5 benefits to owning an equestrian property.

Having Your Animals Nearby


– There’s something comforting about walking out your front door and having animals on your own property. You can see them daily and gauge their safety and health. You have control over their diet, their surroundings, and their well-being. You will be able to see them when you wish and have the opportunity to form a strong bond. If something goes wrong, you are right there to take action.

Living in an established neighborhood of equine properties often means neighbors look out for one another. People tend to drive more cautiously as they know an owner might be out riding. Horse owners have a lot in common, so communities are often close-knit and supportive. If you need help with repairs or horse care, you will likely find another horse lover in the area.

An Equestrian Property is a Great Investment

Equestrian properties are generally quite large, with space for the horses to roam. Ideally, one horse needs 1 ½ acre of land, and each additional horse should have an additional acre. As land becomes scarcer with increasing populations, larger properties will appreciate in value.

Equine properties vary in size and amenities. Large estates have white fences, riding arenas, and luxury stalls—smaller properties with the essentials such as a barn and fenced pasture. Horse properties are often well-cared for and ready for your animal to move right in. The land is stable with proper soil.

Often, a home that is zoned agricultural and allows horses may not even be that more expensive than one without space for horses. Equine properties are available for every budget with homes of varying styles. Higher-end properties will likely have more desirable homes.

Equine properties are often in high demand as fewer properties are on the market than single-family homes. As a result, they have a good resale value as long as the property is maintained well.

Saving Money Over Off-Site Boarding


Finding a suitable boarding facility can be tricky, and the cost of care can get expensive over the years. Owning an equine property will allow you to invest those dollars in long-term improvements. |

Once you have the essentials, your primary investment will be in your time. If you are a person who loves caring for your animal and doesn’t mind the work that goes along with taking care of your horse, this might be the way to go. When you are ready to sell the property, you will recoup the money spent on stables and fences.

Amenities are Close By

When exploring a neighborhood or area with several horse properties, you will likely find nearby veterinarians, feed and tack stores, farriers, and training facilities nearby. You are also likely to find help to repair fences, take care of the horse while on vacation, or someone to muck out the stalls.

Established equestrian properties also have basic water rights as horses drink an average of 5-10 gallons per day. Sources of hay are often in the area as well.

Room for Expansion

Purchasing an equine property can open other sources of income. Depending on the property and facilities, you could start a business boarding and caring for other horses in addition to your own. You could also offer riding lessons, training instructions, grooming services, breeding opportunities, and more.

Equine properties, when used in the course of a business, tend to provide a steady source of income. Many horse owners live in urban or suburban areas that need a place to board their animals and are willing to pay top dollar for proper care.

Owning an equine property is a dream come true for horse owners. Being around their animals is worth the investment and hard work. When choosing a property, it’s a good idea to evaluate the stables, tack areas, lay of the land, fencing, riding areas, whether there is room for pasture expansion, drainage, shade and shelter, parking areas, and more. Check how easy it is to get in and out of the area in an emergency. Find out how far you need to drive for supplies.

Take a serious look at how much it costs for boarding versus how much it costs to take care of the animals yourself. Factor in the hay, feed, cleaning help, water, electrical, and other expenses involved in the ownership of your horse and see what makes sense for your individual situation.







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