5 Best DIY Walk-in Wardrobe Ideas to Steal Now

June 28, 2022

Are your designer shoes and bags strewn all over your bedroom? Or perhaps your clothes are scattered on the bed or floor after a series of fittings before you head out for the day?

If you’re all too familiar with these scenarios, you might be in dire need of a walk-in wardrobe.

Whatever your current space situation is, there’s always a way to make room for this storage area for your clothes and other fashionista knickknacks. They also double as a dressing room, where you can mix and match outfits and try out newly bought pieces without actually taking them out of the closet.

Are you ready to build a home for your clothes, shoes, and accessories? Here are the five best DIY walk-in wardrobe ideas you can try in your apartment in Dubai:

Full-Room Wardrobe

One of the most straightforward ways to build a walk-in wardrobe is by converting an entire room. This allows you to maximise the unused space where you can move freely and comfortably while trying out different ensembles every day.

Transforming a vacant room into a wardrobe is no different from any other home remodelling project. You’re simply redoing the space and repurposing it.

Of course, how you convert it will depend on the room’s specs and your preferred wardrobe design.

For example, you can swap out any existing traditional cupboard doors for sliding doors if the room is narrower than it is wide.

You can also go doorless or install reflective panels on the doors that would double as mirrors for your walk-in wardrobe. The reflective surface expands the perceived visual space, making the room look bigger than it is.

Left with a wide space in the middle? Bring in a closet island dresser for your shoes and accessories. Choose one that also functions as a bench to give you something to sit on while trying out your favourite footwear.

Border-Off Bedroom Wardrobe

If you don’t have the luxury of an entire room to use for your clothing cupboard, you can always frame off a part of your bedroom to create one. This is perfect for those with large bedrooms, but it can also be a clever idea for people with limited space.

When bordering off a section of a room, make sure you select a spot that’s not in the way but is also easily accessible. The corner adjacent to the bedroom door is a good example.

Also, remember that a walk-in wardrobe doesn’t need to be expansive. What matters more is how it serves its purpose.

Once you have chosen a spot, you can now decide what your mini walk-in wardrobe would look like. Depending on what items you plan to keep there, you can add shelves, drawers, and hanging rods to your design.

Custom Built-In IKEA Cupboards

Some furniture brands have also made it possible for DIYers to customise their pieces, like the Pax Wardrobe Series from IKEA Dubai. This collection includes almost everything you’ll ever need to create a bespoke walk-in wardrobe.

Here, you can mix and match elements together – shelves, boxes, bins, and drawers – and build your wardrobe with ease, even without being an expert in carpentry. You only need to know how to attach them together, and you’re good to go.

Of course, this still requires a plan. You’ll need to consider what elements you want to include based on the number of clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories you have.

Then, assign drawers, shelves, and other elements to your chosen wardrobe space – much like playing Tetris the size of a closet.

Here are some of the elements you’ll find in the Pax Wardrobe Series:

  • Wardrobe frames (comes in various sizes)
  • Drawers
  • Shelves
  • Clothes rails
  • Pull out with shoe inserts
  • Jewellery inserts
  • Glass-front drawers
  • Shoe boxes
  • Lidded storage boxes

To take things up a notch, you can make it look like these elements are built into the room. Simply close off or fill in any extra space between each component and/or the wardrobe and the wall with the help of wood planks and liquid nails.

Industrial-Style Pipe Wardrobe

If you want a budget-friendly DIY walk-in wardrobe, you can also try building one out of metal pipes and wood planks. This cool, industrial-style closet is perfect for full-room closets and built-in cupboards.

Look for tutorials and photos for inspiration, but make sure you keep a few things in mind:

  • Choose 16-inch wood boards over the standard 12-inch ones. The wider board ensures that your shoes, clothes, and organiser boxes fit entirely into the shelves without any part hanging over the edge.
  • Go with 3/4-inch iron pipes and fittings. Black iron is a perfect choice if you don’t want to prime and paint the pipe and get that raw, industrial look. This way, you’ll only need to apply a coat of lacquer after washing them.

You can also choose from the usual pipes available in the hardware store near you, so you won’t have a hard time replenishing your supplies if necessary.

Once you have everything you need, it’s time to design your wardrobe. It’s okay to stray from the initial plans you drew up as long as you still achieve your goal.

Floating Wardrobe Organiser

Closet organisation is imperative, especially for people with an extensive apparel collection and small closet space.

Fortunately, some clever DIYers were able to develop a way to tidy up and organise wardrobe space with the help of a floating closet organiser.

This project recreates the basic closet design of a shelf and a single rod, transforming it into a neatly arranged storage area with zero wasted space.

Like all other projects, this one begins with a design. Use your existing cupboard space as a canvas where you can outline your floating wardrobe organiser. (You may also find a few downloadable templates online, but you’ll still have to customise them based on your space situation).

What you should never forget, though, are the bracing pieces. These will support the rods and top shelf of your floating organiser. They are also necessary to keep the bottom of the piece attached securely to the wall.

When attaching the shelves, remember to measure and assemble one section at a time. Be detailed in your measurements and include the back and front for each side piece.

A Place for Everything

Walk-in wardrobes keep bedrooms nice and tidy while ensuring that there’s a place for everything and everything is in its place. Build your own from scratch or take advantage of pre-made elements to customise your fashion haven today.


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