5 Best Ways To Clean Your Gutters

June 17, 2022

Rain gutters are essential parts of the home that protect from heavy downpours. They also dry your home’s foundation by redirecting water flow away from your house. However, dirty gutters are rarely used in any home because rainwater will either collect in them or cause further damage. Ice will also form during the winter if left unclogged before the season begins.

Read on if you wonder how to best clear out your gutters.

1. Use A Stable And Steady Ladder

Before cleaning your gutters, you must be sure that you are confident in what you’re doing. That means that you have experience with cleaning gutters before. Otherwise, it would be safer to have it cleaned professionally. Cleaning the gutters is among the few ways to keep your basement dry. Doing it properly will help you save both your property and money.

If you’d prefer DIY, have a good and sturdy ladder. Get an extendable one if you plan to clean the second-floor gutters. Make sure to place the ladder on a flat and sturdy surface. Remember to never put them in garden or lawn rocks that can cause the ladder to shift suddenly. Have someone hold the ladder if you drop a tool.

2. Clean With Elbow Grease Or Power Washer

If your gutters have been neglected for quite some time, it may be more challenging to clean than usual. You can use elbow grease to clear the gunk along the gutter lining. But assess the condition first to see if the build-up isn’t too thick. Otherwise, get your power washer instead. But be cautious not to point the device on aluminum gutters as the water pressure may cause dents.

Instead of climbing the ladder, use the power washer from the ground and aim at gutters. It is safer and faster, but only if you have experience using a power washer. If you’d instead call for power washing Greensboro, NC service, search for a reputable one online or nearby.

3. Use A Gutter Scoop

When there are trees in the vicinity of the home, twigs, dried leaves, dead insects, and debris will fall into the gutter. The best way to remove the build-up is to use a scoop that you can find in most hardware stores.

A gutter scoop made of plastic will effectively remove dirt because the edge of the scoop is thin and flexible. It adapts to the surface of the gutter to make scooping easier. It will remove the toughest build-up regardless of the side of the gutter.

Avoid metal scoops because they can easily damage the surface of the gutter. There’s also the risk of scratches, and steel gutters can rust. Inspect your gutter; the surface is already rusting; the process could go faster if you choose to use a metal scoop.

4. Try A Wet/Dry Vacuum

There is more than one way of cleaning a gutter, and you are allowed to experiment with different methods as long as they won’t cause any damage. For instance, if you’d rather not use a scoop because you want to accomplish the job faster, you can take out your dry/wet vacuum to clean instead.

Check your local home improvement store for hoses and curved attachments. Alternatively, you can also buy them online. If you clean your rain gutters from the ground, the attachment will make it easier and safer.

You can use the same hose to flush and clean the gutters with water.

5. Attend To The Downspouts

Don’t forget to ensure that the downspouts are also clear to keep the gutter from overflowing. Once the gutters are removed from debris, use the hose to run water down through the downspouts. Use the total pressure of the hose to ensure that every dirt is flushed out, but if the water backs up, there could be clogging.

Try tapping inside the downspout to unclog, but if it doesn’t work, parts of the downspout may have to be detached to flush down. It would be best to disconnect the downspout bottom if it’s attached to an underground drain so the clog won’t transfer to the underground drain.

While wearing gloves, use a trowel and insert it into the downspout. The clogging will also likely be caused by dry leaves and debris. Run the downspout extension under running water, whether from a faucet or a garden hose. Make sure that every piece of debris is dislodged from it.

In Conclusion

Those mentioned above are just some of the best ways to clean your rain gutters. There are other solutions to unique problems that you may find through research.

Cleaning the gutters is not difficult, but for some, calling for professional services will be safer. If you choose the latter, contact a reputable cleaning company.





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