5 Surprising Products That Are Not Recyclable

June 20, 2022

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As much as we think we know about the dos and don’ts of recycling, many of us are completely unaware of which products to place in our yellow bins. Unfortunately, the wrong items are constantly thrown into the weekly recycling.This not only causes disruption, but also more work for the waste management industry.

For items that can’t be recycled, skip bin hire is often a viable alternative. Beyond convenience, this will ensure that each material is directed to its proper destination with minimal harm to the environment.

To make sure that you don’t make any mistakes on your next round of recycling, we have compiled a simple list of 5 products to keep out of the yellow bin.

1. Food Containers

This first point may come as a complete surprise to many.

Discarded pizza boxes, take away containers and empty fruit packets are fine to throw into the recycling – right? Unfortunately, this is not always the case. When grease and other food residue is left on a cardboard or paper surface, recycling machines can become jammed. As a result, these products effectively end up in a landfill with little biodegradable quality.

If the surface area is cleaned, empty food containers can be placed in the recycling. However, if you suspect that the residue is still present, you can take either of the following actions. Your first option is to place empty containers and pizza boxes amongst the regular waste. Second, you can always organise skip bin hire for large quantities.

2. Paper Towels, Serviettes & Tissues

Our second point surrounds another common mistake made by many across Australia. Used paper towels, serviettes, tissues and wipes should not be placed in the recycling bin. Items of this type are constantly exposed to a wide variety of fluids, foods, chemicals and hygiene products. Once this point of contact occurs, they are unsuitable for recycling/biodegradable purposes.

So – if they do become contaminated, what is the proper method of disposal? Paper towels and tissue products are fine to place in the bin. Placing small waste baskets in your bedroom and bathroom is a simple way to get into the right habits and ensure that you aren’t placing these items into the weekly recycling.

3. Shredded Paper

Paper is naturally synonymous with recycling. As a result, many of us could be forgiven to think that our shredded paper can be tossed into the yellow bin. This doesn’t mean that this process has no value. Shredding confidential or sensitive documents is an important practice, particularly if you are moving office or moving to a new home.

Unfortunately, the process of paper shredding can destroy its natural fibres. This effectively means that during recycling, the paper is unable to retain its shape and quality. In this case, arranging a skip bin hire or transporting your waste to a landfill are two ecofriendly ways to proceed.

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4. Disposable Nappies

Disposable nappies and recycling may not seem like a natural match, yet you may be surprised at just how many Australians fail to follow the correct practice. There are two fundamental reasons why these items should never be placed into the recycling. As nappies are comprised of composite materials, they are already unfit for this purpose prior to use. Once used, their biodegradable quality is further impacted.

By disposing of nappies correctly, you can do your part to ensure that recycling centres are processing the proper items and maximising their everyday output. Remember to place empty nappies with regular waste and not with recycling or green waste.

5. Polystyrene (foam)

When we purchase a new piece of furniture or technology, the natural urge can be to place any foam packaging straight into the recycling bin. While polystyrene/foam products can be recycled, they cannot be effectively handled through the week to week recycling process. Sadly, all it will do is take up valuable landfill space and will not break down.

There are two ways you can ensure that the proper recycling process occurs. First, polystyrene products can be dropped off at purpose built recycling facilities. Alternatively, you could also arrange a skip bin hire and allow waste management professionals to sort it out.

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Skip Bin Hire – The Viable Alternative

These days, the skip bin hire process has never been so efficient and convenient. Skip companies offer robust and purpose-built bins that vary in size, scope and purpose. In the context of recycling, their assistance can be critical. Beyond delivery and pickup of the bin itself, skip bin hire staff are well-versed in the proper methods of disposal for a wide range of materials and products.

Skip bins are suitable for residential, commercial, municipal, and industrial settings. The number one benefit of this service lies in ensuring proper ecofriendly waste management and minimising disruption to the recycling process.

Why Recycling Is So Critical

Human waste has had a major impact on the vitality and health of our natural environment. From oceans to rivers, reefs, and wildlife, all are at serious risk if current waste management trends occur. While the waste management industry plays a leading role, our everyday output is crucial to the overall effort for more sustainable practices.

On a global scale, we are at the tipping point of a major environmental disaster. Reducing waste and effectively recycling products will ensure that they do not spill over and harm our delicate ecosystems.

The Right Habits

Our collective knowledge of recycling has changed a lot in recent years. Despite this, many still fail to understand the correct practices and continue to place the wrong products in yellow bins. All the aforementioned items are common mistakes made by everyday Australians. In order to counteract these mistakes, we all need to do our part to ensure that only the most appropriate products are put out for recycling.

As we have also covered, the other viable alternative is to organize the best skip bin hire at your home, business or factory. This approach allows trained professionals to sort and dispose of waste through the proper channels.



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