6 Reasons To Add A Verandah To Your Home

June 16, 2022

Many homeowners are keen on adding decorations and doing minor or major remodeling on their houses for an upgrade. So, if you’re looking for a home improvement project that can massively change your space and add value to your property, you might consider adding a verandah. A verandah is an open-air, roofed porch often enclosed with railings and typically attached outside the house.

There are different types of verandahs, such as flat roofs, gazebos, curved roofs, pergolas, gable roofs, and sunroofs.

Regardless of the type or style, a verandah can become your extended living space, giving you and your family members more space to add furniture, welcome guests, and do recreational activities. Verandahs are among the most common additions to many residential properties as they can make a house more aesthetically pleasing and functional. However, some may still be skeptical about adding a verandah since it can be a costly investment.

So, if you’re still indecisive, here are six reasons to convince you that investing in a verandah for your home is worth your money.

  1. It Can Boost Property Value and Resale Appeal

Perhaps one of the main reasons you should consider adding a verandah is because it can significantly boost your property value, especially if you’re planning to resell your home. Remember that not all home renovation projects can add value to your home. But when you have a verandah, you can use it as a great selling point since many home buyers prefer a house with an outdoor space for them to enjoy.

Meanwhile, even if you’re not planning to sell your home, a verandah can easily set your home apart from the neighboring properties. So, get your home an ample outdoor space and contact the best verandah builders in your area for a quotation.

  1. It Can Be An Excellent Place To Entertain

If you love to host parties or social gatherings, this may be another great reason to add a verandah. It can provide you with more space for entertainment, especially if your home is always crowded with visitors. Plus, if you’d like to give your guests a change of scenery, a verandah can give them that.

Furthermore, even if you’re not entertaining any guests, you can use your verandah to fill in extra furniture pieces that can add comfort and entertainment to the area, such as an indoor swing, more seating options, or an outdoor TV stand.

  1. It Helps Cool Down Your Home

Many people don’t realize that adding a verandah can be a sustainable way to cool down their home. When you place your verandah strategically, it can shelter your house from the sun’s extreme heat, reducing your need to use your cooling system. As a result, you can also cut down on your energy bills.

So, during the summer, you may turn off your air conditioner and open your doors and windows or lounge on your verandah to enjoy the natural air. Meanwhile, during the colder months, you can throw rugs, carpets, or pillows to keep the space warm or add blinds or retractable awnings to barricade the cold wind.

  1. It Adds Aesthetic Appeal

A verandah can effortlessly add a visually appealing touch to your home. Regardless of the style of your home, a veranda can add more frame and structure to your house to make it more attractive. There are many materials available for you to build a verandah that will match your house’s existing style and aesthetic and create an overall visually appealing property.

  1. It Can Be An Additional Home Storage

With the extra space, you get from adding a verandah, you can also use this as additional home storage. It’s true, especially for homeowners with smaller houses and no more room to place their furniture pieces and other items. So, whether you have gym equipment, extra seating options, bikes, coat hangers, or footwear storage, you can use your verandah to safely store these items and protect them from potential damage caused by the sun or rain.

  1. It Protects Your Home From Outdoor Elements

Aside from the roof of your house, adding a verandah can also bring extra protection to your home from environmental elements. If you’ve noticed, houses in regions with harsh and unpredictable weather often have a verandah. It shields your house from the heavy rain or heat of the sun and keeps your home’s exterior finishes and materials safe from fading and cladding.

Wrapping Up

Overall, there are many good reasons why you should consider adding a verandah to your home. Besides adding visual appeal, the verandah can also serve other functions like more space for entertainment, additional storage space, and protect your home. So, for your next major home improvement, you may consider building your verandah with the help of professional verandah builders within your area.


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