6 Signs Your Home Needs Recladding

June 30, 2022

From the outside, the home can become damaged, dull, or outdated over time. Cladding dramatically affects the home's aesthetics and could seriously affect its curb appeal. Homeowners may feel it is a never-ending task to keep their homes in top shape, but with suitable cladding, they could avoid the constant efforts.

Cladding is not only visually pleasing, but it also protects the structure from the weather elements. When it comes time to replace the cladding, homeowners should choose a sturdy material to add to the exterior of their homes.

Some people are still unsure about when they should replace their cladding, so here are some signs they can look out for:

  1. The Exterior Or Roof Seems Damaged

The sun, wind, rain, and hail could impact the cladding through the years. Some weather elements are more damaging than others, but overall, they significantly affect the home's cladding.

Regular inspections of the home's exterior could reveal cracks, breaks, holes, and other damage to the cladding that homeowners need to repair. Some may attempt to do it themselves, but for a high-quality finish that will last a long time, hire a professional company like Resolution Projects or any other reputable local contractor instead.

  1. There Are Signs Of Mold

Mold could be very damaging to the structure of the home, with wood rotting away underneath it. Although a small mold wouldn't necessarily cause problems when the homeowner treats it, more significant amounts can indicate underlying issues.

Leaking water pipes and seeping groundwater could affect the structure and cladding, causing the mold to grow. Black mold can damage health and could mean that the homeowners should replace the entirety of the cladding to rid the home of this.

  1. The Sides Are Water Logged

Worse than leaky pipes are natural weather occurrences like floods that could cause severe damage to the home. With such a large amount of water seeping through every nook and cranny of the house, the cladding and structure underneath are sure to need replacing.

Water damage could also come from accumulated snow or hail that melts over time. Even though the damage is not visible at the time, homeowners will notice peeling paint, mold, or bowing and cracking of the cladding, depending on the type used.

  1. The House Looks Old-Fashioned

Cladding should be tough enough to withstand most of what life throws at it, and sometimes it survives for several years down the line. Homes in older neighborhoods could become out of style with the ancient cladding on the side.

Homeowners can spruce up the look of their house by adding new cladding and a fresh coat of paint in the color of their choice. The more in-style look makes it look brand new and adds years to an old favorite. With the latest cladding styles like the aluminum composite panel, the home will have a makeover in no time.

  1. The Home Is On The Market

When selling a home, the homeowner wants the best deal possible. They should spend a little before hitting their target selling price. People who come to look at the house want to fall in love with it, not be met with a raggedy exterior. Estate agents will always advise their clients to improve the curb appeal of their homes, so everyone looking at it will see the potential of a good family home. If the cladding is broken, old-fashioned, or unsightly, it will affect the person's feelings about the house before they even step inside.

  1. Warping Or Fading Is Apparent

Depending on the type of cladding the home currently has, there could be some warping and fading of the color over time. Most modern materials are more UV resistant, but the possibility is always there. Homeowners should keep an eye on their sidings, and when it becomes too bent out of shape or the color too dull, they should start thinking of replacing their cladding.

Wrapping It Up

A freshly laid layer of cladding can make a home look beautiful. It brightens the façade and could make the house look brand new. With proper care, cladding should withstand the weather and keep its function.

Homeowners should regularly check the exteriors of their homes for any cracks, faded spots, warping, or other signs of damage. When they notice that the cladding needs to be replaced, they should contact a professional to give them the best advice and options for their home.

After all, our homes are places we treasure because they are where we keep our pride and joy, our family. So, make sure the walls are sturdy enough to call the house a home.


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