6 Simple Home Upgrades That Make a Big Impact

June 4, 2022

Changing the way your home looks doesn’t have to cost the earth. Rather than making huge changes such as purchasing a new couch or building an extension, take care of the smaller details instead. These can still make a massive impact on your space without having to break the bank or take months to achieve. Here are six simple upgrades that make a big impact.


Decluttering doesn’t have to cost you money at all, and you could even make a few dollars by selling your once loved goods online. You will be surprised at how much bigger your home will look if you get rid of the things that you no longer want or use, especially if they are collecting in piles around the home. Clean lines are very trendy, and they will have an enormous impact on the visual appearance of your room.


A fresh coat of paint will make your home look and smell fresh. This is a job that is easy to do yourself and depending on the size of your home it may only take a few days to complete. You could opt to paint the walls in a neutral color to make your space look bigger and blend in with your existing furniture. Alternatively, you could paint your walls a bright color to give off great vibes or combine the two ideas with a feature wall.

Soft Furnishings

You can get some great deals on soft furnishings for every room in your home. You can use them to add splashes of color to your space with cushions or a vibrant rug or use them to add warmth and coziness. Soft furnishings can be used to shift the focal point in your room, and this can make a massive impact as it could make your space look totally different.

Wall Art

This is another fantastic way to change the focal point in the room. A picture that is vibrant or unusual will draw the eye whereas a black and white print can look chic and sophisticated. You can use wall art to make a statement or bring pieces of your furniture together in one space. Wall art can be as simple or complicated as you want it to be, but it can make a massive impact.


Changing the ambiance in your room will totally transform it and you don’t even have to do a lot of work to make that possible. For example, you could add spotlights that will make the light bounce around the room rather than having one single light. This can change the shape and appearance of any room. To make your room look cozy you can replace a central light with wall lights or use lamps instead of the main beam. A pendant lamp can make a stunning focal point over a dining table or kitchen counter, and these can be used as task lighting while you are cooking or eating.


Mirrors have a significant impact on a room. You can place them strategically so that your room looks bigger, or the light is projected at a different angle. You can make fantastic use of mirrors to highlight a focal point in your home or enhance your natural lighting. This is a cost-effective way of transforming your home.

Upgrades can be simple and effective without having to cost the earth. Try some of these changes and see how much of an impact they make in your home. You will be surprised by how much of a difference a few minor tweaks can make.


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