6 Ways To Maximize Storage In A Small Apartment

June 9, 2022

Living in a small apartment can give rise to some storage problems. The key is to have enough storage space without crowding the small apartment. Luckily, there are many products, tools, and tips one can utilize to fully take advantage of all the space in the apartment. By picking the right tools and techniques, you can discover creative storage solutions that you can use throughout the entire apartment.

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1. Take Advantage Of The Nooks

Nooks are the best way to take advantage of any unused spaces and corners in the apartment. Whether buying custom cabinets or repurposing shelves, nooks can be anything from the space under the stairs to literal corner spaces in different rooms. If your apartment doesn’t have enough space for a dining table or breakfast table, consider having a breakfast nook.

You can also use the back of your door as a nook space. You can purchase products that allow you to use this space as a storage option. Moreover, you can place hooks in the door and use them to hang up your favorite small items or a safe place to store your bags and keys after a long day.

2. In Double-Duty Furniture

Double-duty furniture has more than one function, in which pieces of couches can be pulled out into a bed or bedroom headboards on shelves for the room. It is a creative way to ensure you get all your storage necessities without overcrowding the small apartment.

You can also give basic furniture that you have in your apartment and give them another function. You can use some of your smaller shelves to work as nightstands beside your bed. This way, you will still be able to use both the space inside and on top of the cabinet. So, look around your apartment for which furniture pieces you can assign another function.

3. Vertical Space In The Apartment

Using the vertical space in your room as a storage option is a great way to declutter and organize your small apartment. Vertical storage can also be a dynamic focal point for an empty wall. Instead of putting your television on the wall, you can mount it on a table or shelf. It frees the floor space and makes the apartment look clear.

You can also invest in furniture and shelving options that can be mounted to the wall instead of standing on the floor. If you want to bring in some indoor plants, you can get vertical shelves where you can place the different plants on.

4. Get Under The Bed Storage Options

Some double-duty beds come with their under-the-bed storage options. If you do not own a double-duty bed, don’t worry, you will still be able to utilize the space under the bed. The best thing about under-the-bed storage is hidden from the naked eye. It makes your bedroom feel less cluttered and easier to navigate.

You can get storage boxes that can easily fit under the bed. These boxes also come with covers to prevent any dust from getting into the storage. You can use this space to store away blankets during the summer season or extra clothes that can’t fit into your closet.

5. Purchase Room Dividers With Storage Space

Some small apartments and bachelor units do not have room dividers because of the limited space. However, many room dividers on the market can also double as storage space. Just like double-duty furniture, these shelves serve more than one function. Use open plan shelves as room dividers so that you can fully utilize the natural light in the apartment.

There are many design options you can choose from when it comes to room dividers with shelves. Feel free to choose one that meets the aesthetic desires you may have for the apartment. You can use this space to store away your reading material, potted plants, or dishes.

6. Declutter Your Apartment

When you declutter your small apartment, you create more storage options for yourself. The methods and products listed all fall under decluttering storage options. You can even consult a professional organizer to help you declutter. When you declutter your apartment, you can move freely around your small apartment without constantly knocking or falling over things.

It also makes your room appear large because all the stuff in your apartment is cleverly stored away. Thus, there are many more storage options on the market that you can invest in to declutter the apartment.


Living in a small apartment can mean that you have less space to work with when it comes to storage. By adopting one of these tips or products, you can fully utilize the space around your apartment. You can also increase the functionality of some furniture pieces in the apartment by giving them more than one function. Thus, you will be able to declutter your apartment and maximize every space in your small apartment.


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