7 Tips for Decorating Your Garden This Summer

June 22, 2022

Your garden is an extension of your hoe and as such it should be decorated accordingly. We all want to have an outdoor space that we are proud to show off to friends and family, host garden parties in and relax. Turning this wish into reality, however, can sometimes be rather overwhelming.

Approaching this task as you would with an indoor room, can make this tedious task a bit easier. After all, the same goals apply for both interior and exterior design - creating a comfortable and relaxing environment.

In this post we give you our top seven tips for decorating your garden this summer. Read on to find out how you can easily transform your backyard into a beautiful space to unwind and enjoy the warm weather.

Choose Suitable Garden Furniture

Furniture is one of the main focal points in your garden so you should put careful consideration into the type of furniture you choose as well as where it would go. While outdoor furniture can be used indoors, indoor furniture is not always suitable for your garden, which is why you should make sure the furniture you select is protected from rain, sunlight and other weather conditions that can deteriorate your outdoor furniture.

If you already have garden furniture which looks a bit dated and tired, you can try restoring their previous brilliance with a lick of fresh paint or a couple easy DIY repairs.

Decorate Garden Entrances

Even in a small garden, a couple passageways and paths connecting separate discrete spaces can add a sense of mystery and wonder. To achieve this you can use different shrubs, arches or decorative iron gates or even potted trees on either side of the entrance. This way when a visitor enters your backyard, it creates the feeling of stepping into a fairytale garden.

Add Pop of Colour with Ceramics

The natural palette of greens, browns and various earthy tones you often see in a garden, as relaxing as it is, can often be monotonous. You can make your garden a bit more exciting by adding splashes of colour in the form of different decorative ceramic pots, figures or even pathway tiles.

Showcase Your Plant Collection

Plants are the heart of every garden and if you display them accordingly they can make a stunning centrepiece. You can upcycle a vintage table or a chest of drawers to make a plant showcase where you can put all your potted succulents, flowers and other plants so they can be appreciated by your guests.

Use Exotic Plants as Focal Point

A few unusual plants such as outdoor bonsai trees, exotic orchids or tropical palms can make great accents in your outdoor space. Before buying any fancy plants, however, make sure that your garden has the right conditions for them and be prepared to research the kind of care they need.

Add Ornaments as Finishing Touches

Garden ornaments and accessories can completely change the look and feel of your garden. Hanging lanterns in the trees, playful windchimes by the porch or a curved bench in the corner, a couple carefully placed elements can not only add a finishing touch to your garden, they can be used as a way to direct a visitor's gaze, prompting them to look in a certain direction. The key here is “less is more”.

Bring in Natural Sounds and Scents

What’s so relaxing about spending time in nature is all of the sounds and scents of complete serenity. A small water feature can bring in the peaceful sound of trickling water, making your garden feel like a relaxing paradise. And strategically placed pots of herbs, jasmine, roses or other aromatic plants can entice visitors with their blissful scents.

Creating a space where you can relax and host parties with your friends can be no easy task, but as you can see with a few smart design tips, it’s achievable. A great way to decorate your outdoor space is by bringing in interesting elements that set a calming mood.

Of course, you shouldn’t forget the star of every garden - the plants. By finding interesting ways to display your plant collection and thinking of the placement of all the different pots you can effortlessly create a whole different mood in your garden!


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