7 ways to purchase a buy to let property in Uk

June 22, 2022


With continuous leaps and bounds, you have finally settled on a property that matches your requirements. Congratulations! On achieving a milestone. Now, what lies ahead? The baby steps of buying the property. It might have been a long road, to search for a property, and calculate the investment and ROI.

Here lie your further steps to finally purchase your buy-to-let property in the UK:

1. Search For a mortgage broker

A mortgage broker is your helping hand when it comes to buying a property. If you are new in this world then things might look timid to you and you might end up feeling messed up. Looking for the estate agents in Streatham can save your time and energy.

A mortgage broker can help you with your legal scores and several other legal formalities. They will help you to know what your lender is offering you and will ooze out the best deals for you. Before purchasing a property in the UK, it is important to look carefully into the decision in principle {DIP}. DIP is necessary to acknowledge as it helps in acknowledging the best offer for yourself.

Hiring a mortgage broker can help you with ample benefits when it comes to buying a buy-to-let property. Purchasing a buy-to-let property helps you in lowering your personal income as compared to the living expenses that involve a property to live in.

2. Find a Solicitor for Yourself

Another leaping step that comes into play while purchasing a buy-to-let property is getting yourself a solicitor. Now getting yourself a solicitor can be a daunting task as sometimes they overdo things and sometimes they don't do anything at all. Choosing a proper solicitor plays an essential role when it comes to purchasing a buy-to-let property. Solicitors help you in the documenting process and can save you from the leaps and bounds of the legal process that get catacombs in this giant real-estate world.

Right from the onboarding of the documents to getting the papers signed to curating the best deals for yourself, a Solicitor can act as your shadow and can save you from the legal torment. Once you found your gem, make sure you pave them well until the contract is done and maintain a good relationship for the near future.

3. Leverage Through Mortgage

Leverage can be the best possible way to increase the prospective return of your investment. It ensures the lending of capital to increase the possible returns. In the gigantic world of real estate, when purchasing a buy-to-let property the way to leverage is through a mortgage. Leverage works as a two-sided sword it can either work for or against you depending on the situation. When the value of the real estate increases it can work in your favour but when it decreases it will lead to demise.

4. Place an offer

While purchasing a property it's important to look at the other side of the glass and inquire about what the other party expects from you. This can be a hard pill to swallow and discuss with your agent as they will bang on with promises to pass on your offer to the potential; seller but guys take your call here and take a step further to discuss it with your agent.

While purchasing a buy-to-let property it is your responsibility to fulfil the needs of the catering party as it is an investment property and if they ditch you, you are out of the business. Remember you ain’t planning your next family move but welcoming another one. So putting their likes above yours will take you ahead in this investment business. It's better to take instructions from your estate agent and they will advise you correctly of the current market trends.

5. Fill out the paperwork

As important as it may sound, the most crucial in getting your buy-to-let property is to get all your paperwork done. Once your offer is accepted, your estate agent will demand these essential documents from you that are listed below:

  • An identity proof be it a Photo ID, passport or a driving licence. You can provide either of them.
  • A legal address proof that can showcase your address for the past three months. It can either be a bank statement, a council or a utility bill.
  • A piece of a legal document proving your funds. This includes your bank statement where you need to deposit the amount required and the amount is either equals to or is greater than the required deposit.
  • Decision principle is given by your mortgage broker.
  • Basic attributes of your solicitor.

6. Relax

Once you're done with the above process, it's time to lay down with eagerness to get the key to your new property. Once you're done with the above process now everything comes under the estate agent. They will pull off the property in the market. They will clear your mortgage broker and will proceed with the solicitor. In order to speed up the process, you can take a roll on your estate agent every alternative week and ask for any further assistance that you can provide.

Wait for the ball to roll in your court but until then be patient and hold on to your agents politely. Try building a strong long-term business relationship.


Congratulations on making up your mind to buy either your first or just another investment property. We hope this was useful to clarify your series of questions and doubts.


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