A Complete Guide To Double-Storey Extensions

June 17, 2022

Over time, you may feel the need to expand your home. This fact is often brought about by the arrival of a new member of your family, or if you feel the need to add more rooms and functional spaces to your home. A home extension is usually a single-storey project, but if the need arises and the space permits it, you can also make it a double-storey one. Overall, your extension can expand the usable space and square footage of your home.

Extensions are very important to be built the right way, as a simple tacked-on extension will do nothing at all to improve the visual appeal of your interior. Once the project is over, your double-storey extension should be able to blend seamlessly with the rest of your home. There shouldn’t be any hint whatsoever that there are certain parts of your home which weren’t originally there, as they were mere extensions.

bright, friendly, modern loft construction site drywall without people in daylight

With that, here’s a complete guide you can follow for your double-storey extension.

Get All The Approvals First

A double-storey project isn’t like any other minor home renovation. It's a big one that’ll need a lot of planning and approval before even starting. Even if the extension is technically still within your private property, you need to check with builders or contractors from https://capitalbuilding.com.au/ to be sure that the extension can be done right where you want it to be.

Remember that there are so many things you have to consider, like the plumbing and electrical works, for starters. Having the approvals with a well-made plan can help ensure you won’t go through any problems with your extension project once you start building.

Function Comes First

Before you get too excited about the design and aesthetic part of your build, you need to address the functionality aspect first. What is the extension for? What do you like to achieve for coming up with one? What will be the first storey for? What will the second storey be used for?

The prospect of having an extension built is always a nice one. But it’ll be useless if you’re building it simply for the sake of doing so. Once you’ve determined the specific function for your double storey extension, you can then move forward with the design aspect.

Check Your Budget

Designing a house extension requires enough budget. It's a double-storey extension, after all, so that’s not going to come in cheap. If you have a set budget in mind, inform your builder about this. Then, you can make any necessary adjustments if your builder determines that your budget is too narrow, or if it’s impossible to come up with your desired extension.

Being prepared with your budget can ensure the build can go as smoothly as planned. It's often the case that delays in a project can be brought about by financial matters. To ensure you’re able to make the most out of your budget, compare quotes from at least three different builders. That way, you won’t be tricked into forcibly paying for a more costly one.

Research Different Materials

If it’s impossible to have the exact same materials used in the main house now for your double-storey extension as well, then at least research different materials that are as close as possible to the one your main home has. Your architect or builder can help you out with this.

Don’t limit yourself only to very few material selections. The more options you have, the better, so you can narrow down based on budget, durability, and style preference. Ideally, the materials you choose should at least complement those that you already have in the main building.

Think About The Positioning And Layout

At which part of your home would you like the double-storey extension to be built? Generally, this decision will depend on the rooms you’d like to have in your extension. If it’s a confusing choice for you to make, then your builder can help you out with this as well.

When your land area is quite narrow in some parts, the extension will also most likely be done on that part of your home where the extra land is widest. By doing so, the space won’t be as constrained or limited.

Here's an illustration. If the double-storey extension is to add a bedroom on the top floor and an office below, then you’ll have to position it right where the bedroom is. If the purpose is for an extended kitchen below and a living area on the top, then you may want to position the extension in that part of your home where you have the best view.


Building an extension on two floors can really change your property for the better. It's a big project to undertake, so you can expect the cost to be quite a hefty one. It's a project that’s worth undergoing, given all the benefits that a double-storey extension brings. More than anything else, the most important tip to remember is always to leave the job to the experts.


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