A short guide to forestry mulching 

June 18, 2022

Constructing and building a new home is exciting but a tiring process because you have to deal with a lot of nitty and gritty details and processes. You have to deal with such kinds of situations that you haven’t dealt them before both financially and practically.

Surprises and hurdles are always waiting for you but all of these are worth dealing with because, in the end, you are then the one who is going to live in your dream house. Well, in this article, I am covering and providing information on one of the most important processes that every new house builder has to deal with.

if you are constructing your home on land near a less populated area surrounded by lots of trees, grass, shrubs, or vegetation then it’s important to first clear the site. So, for this, the forestry mulching process needs to be done.

wandering what is the forestry mulching process?

Forest mulching is the process that is attempted to clear the land. In this process, A single mulcher machined and operator is enough to clear the construction site. The forestry mulchers can easily cut down all the trees, shrubs, grass, and vegetation from the land.

In the end, it leaves a mulch layer on the land which is ideal for construction sites and pathways. It is in short, a land clearing method that not only cuts vines, trees, and bushed but also leaves a layer of mulch on the land.

Now the next thing that surely comes to your mind is what type of machinery is used in the forest mulching process?

Most of the time, two types of machinery are used in the forest mulching process one is Drum mulchers, and the second is Disc mulchers.

Both works differently but the outcomes are the same. The drum mulcher provides you with high-quality, firm, and thin layers of mulch which avoid soil erosion whereas the Disc mulches are best for clearing dense unwanted vegetation. The disc mulchers work faster as compared to the drum mulchers but do not work finely as the drum mulchers work.

More interestingly in early times, the traditional methods were used for land clearing but the new forestry mulching method is used more frequently to clear the land.

If you are wondering what is difference between the traditional methods and the new forestry mulching process then let me graph the comparison between both;

Forestry Mulching

It is a single-step process and requires only seldom permitting. It preserves and builds a topsoil layer with low ground pressure that encourages a healthy ecosystem. It is feasible in wet and snowy weather and requires no burning, chipping, or hauling. You have to not align windrows or brush piles. Also, get recycles biomass, and visually appealing, yet sustainable land.

Traditional Clearing

The traditional method is a multi-step process that requires permitting and a site plan. It also Damages and dislocates the topsoil layer with high ground pressure that ultimately requires additional erosion control. the process is highly weather dependent and often needs burning, chipping, and hauling. In the end, you have to deal with piles of Leaves windrows, and brush. It also discards biomass, and damages nearby trees and vegetation.

Final words

I hope I have guided you the right way and enough information is delivered to you.


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