All You Need to Know About Industrial Forklift Scales

June 8, 2022

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If you have been wondering what industrial forklift scales are, then you are reading the right article. In this article, we will discuss in detail what these pieces of machinery are, how they work, how much weight they can lift, their industrial applications, their benefits, and some tips to guide you when buying one.

Seeing as we have a lot to cover, let’s get started right away.

What are Industrial Forklift Scales?

These pieces of equipment or accessory are either standard parts on some forklifts or options on others. The function of industrial forklift scales is simply to weigh the object that the forklift is weighing.

Most of these scales are designed with digital readout. Some of them come with a printer built into the design. All of these are done to ensure proper documentation of the weights.

They can be designed to measure weights in either pounds or kilograms. Furthermore, to ensure the accuracy of the measurement, these accessories come with a calibration function that allows you to make adjustments to account for other accessories that are attached to the forklift.

How do they Work?

These pieces of equipment work by using the sensors that are built into the forklift or the machine’s hydraulic system. What it does is that it measures the object’s resistance as it is being lifted. This enables the scale to get an accurate and precise measurement.

The significant factor during this process that determines the efficiency of the system is the translation of the detected resistance into a precise weight. Although other methods can be used for weighing, using this method provides comfort and convenience.

This is particularly crucial and helpful at shipping facilities that are quite busy. Therefore, the need for a different procedure whereby the objects will be measured is eliminated. This, in turn, will ensure a faster and smoother operation. The organization also gets to save cargo loading and shipment cost since one step of the operation has been eliminated. You can visit to learn how to start an international shipping company.

The accessory operates on electric power which is supplied by the board of the lift machine. While this is usually the case, sometimes, the electrical capacity needed to power the scale might be higher than what the board provides. In such a situation, a battery is added as another attachment to supply the required electricity.

During the installation process, the installer will assess the forklift’s electrical output and compare it to the required electrical input to power the measurement accessory. If the electricity provided by the board is adequate, the gauge will be attached to the machine. However, if the supplied electricity is not sufficient, you will be asked to get a battery.

Regarding the scale’s user interface, it is usually enclosed in a metal container or heavy plastic that is attached to the lift machine directly with the help of bolts. The control buttons that are commonly seen include the power switch, a button or mechanism to allow one to reduce the scale to zero, and finally, a button that allows you to print.

Most of the displays are designed with a backlight that enables the user to read the measurement even when there is little or no light in the area. This is especially helpful when operations are performed at night.

These scales usually have a weight limit; most of them have a maximum limit of 1500 kilograms or 3000 pounds. Therefore, the user is required to know this limit and then use the gauge within its limit. When this is neglected, the organization could pay for it in the form of safety issues leading to accidents, fines from regulating bodies in their industry, and damaged machinery. Read this article to learn ways to prevent industrial accidents.

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Industrial Applications of Industrial Forklift Scales

The major users of these accessories are manufacturing and transportation companies that require accurate weight measurements for their operations. For instance, during the process of loading items into a truck, when the operator of the machine weighs the item, they will be able to ensure that the truck is not overloaded above the legal weight.

In the case of shipping companies, it allows the company to enhance their revenue when a shipper knowingly or unknowingly declares a weight that is lower than the actual weight. Furthermore, it is a way to protect operators from using the forklift to lift items heavier than the capacity the machine can conveniently lift.

Benefits of these Scales

The following are the benefits of industrial forklift scales:

  • Portable
  • Cost-effective
  • Safe
  • The weight can be determined during the process of loading the item
  • Protects one from incurring penalties as a result of overloading
  • Promotes optimal loading
  • Has a high level of measurement precision irrespective of the disturbances in the surrounding environment
  • Can be easily installed and maintained
  • Equipped with several options for data collection
  • Comes with on-board diagnostics as well as predictive warnings

Tips for Buying an Industrial Forklift Scale

When you want to buy this measurement accessory, below are some things you need to consider that will help you buy the right one for your operations

1. Your Forklift Frame’s Dimensions

It is the frame’s dimensions that will determine the type of scale that will be compatible with the machine. Therefore, you need to discuss with your installer to recommend gauges that are compatible with your machine.

2. Would You Like to Store or Print Transaction Data?

In the event that you choose the first option, you don’t need to attach a printer to the scale. However, if printing data is necessary, you should ensure that a printer is added to your scale.

3. Your Forklift’s Capacity

It is vital that you know your machine’s general capacity to enable your installer to select the most compatible scale.

4. Would You Like a Wireless or Wired Indicator?

If you choose a wireless indicator, you will have to do more maintenance subsequently. On the other hand, a wired gauge doesn’t require much maintenance, but you will have to deal with the mess created by the power cord of the machine.

5. Would You Be Charging by Weight?

This factor must be put into consideration to ensure that you are compliant with all the legal requirements.


At this point, we are pretty sure you are well-informed about industrial forklift scales. When buying one, ensure that you choose a reputable installer and also buy from reputable manufacturers.



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