AR-15 Mag Speed Loaders Buying Guide

June 2, 2022


Manually loading rounds into a magazine might take a long time. Fortunately, magazine speed loaders exist to make the loading procedure go more quickly and smoothly. While there are several magazine speed loaders available, not all of them are of great quality.

Knowing what constitutes a good mag loader and what to look for can help you choose one of the finest AR-15 magazine speed loaders available.

What is an AR-15 Mag Speed Loader?

Although putting a magazine into an AR15 is a pretty simple and straightforward operation, getting the bullets into the magazine may be a torturous and time-consuming process.

Hand loading magazines is very taxing on the fingers and hands, especially when loading many magazines in a row. The operation is made easier and faster by using a magazine speed loader, which eliminates the need for hand loading.

What to look for before buying?


When it comes to speed loaders, there are several options available, ranging from pricey to economical. Our staff wants to make sure you get the most out of your money. Before you buy, think about the price, but don't let it drive your decision.

Method of Operation

Because the major reason for purchasing a magazine loader is for convenience, we all want one that is simple to operate. We don't want a technology that makes you work harder than required. Before purchasing one, make sure you thoroughly grasp the functioning procedures.


One factor to consider while selecting a style is the pace at which a given mechanism operates. Because the design of a mag loader determines how much time you save, this is true.

Of course, the time it takes to set up and run the machine has an influence on how quickly the process moves. Reading reviews from other users or trustworthy sources is the best method to get an idea of how much time a mag loader would save you.

Simultaneous feeding

You can only feed one round at a time via some mag loaders. Others allow you to just drop them all in and pull the handle, eliminating the need to stage them first.

A hopper feed loader has the maximum capacity, allowing you to feed up to 90 rounds at once. If you routinely operate with large amounts of magazines, this sort of loader may be the finest AR15 magazine speed loader for you.

Many magazine speed loaders will be in the middle of the two extremes. One of these is the stripper loader, which can load 10 rounds in a single stroke.

Build quality

The materials chosen to construct the loader will have a significant impact on its durability and dependability. Choose models constructed of durable materials, such as polymer, wherever feasible.

A large, heavy piece of equipment does not always imply that it is properly built. If not properly engineered, mag loaders may be rather big and heavy.

Furthermore, there are a number of excellent compact and lightweight mag loaders on the market that provide excellent portability and simplicity of use while yet being powerful and durable.

However, some of the greatest heavy-duty loaders for high-volumes, such as bench loaders, are not as compact or lightweight as other kinds, but they are among the most durable.

Maglula StripLULA

Maglula StripLULA is a fantastic device that is both well-built and reasonably priced. This fantastic speed loader comes with the amazing advantage of ambidextrous construction for maximum use. This sort of speed loader may be used by both left- and right-handed people.

Because of its waterproof and strong construction, and the fact that it does not require a bench rest, our staff highly recommends this mag loader for outdoor shooting. This fast loader allows you to reload magazines without making your thumb numb, extending the life of the magazine.

Caldwell Shooting Supplies

Caldwell's Magazine speed loader features a striking and distinctive appearance. It comes with a feed tray to attach the rounds, unlike any other magazine speed loader. A transfer tray is also included for easily transferring rounds of magazines from packaging to the feed tray. Another five rounds are automatically inserted into your metal magazines thanks to a spring-driven plunger.

It would be easier and faster to load magazines with its rapid bulk loading. Furthermore, for individuals who utilize loose ammo, this magazine loader is highly recommended.


MagPump is a magazine loader designed specifically for loose ammunition. It's an indisputably quick reloader, reloading 30 rounds in less than 30 seconds on average. It employs a simple hopper feed system in loading magazines since it contains a 90-round feed tube.

A bench feeder with a different mechanism is the hopper feed loader. This will direct the bullets from the middle cavity of the magazine to the upper cavity. The hopper feeds will spin the rounds in the right direction as long as all of the rounds are parallel.

Furthermore, because the bullets in magazines are loaded one at a time into the magazine loaders, the feed lips will be less worn. It would, however, require extra support, such as a sturdy platform as bench loaders.

Butler Creek

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If you utilize stripper clips, speed loaders like Butler Creek are a wonderful alternative. It has the ability to reload 10 rounds at a time into magazines. You may load your magazine quickly and conveniently by filling the loading arm with 10 rounds.

However, if you only need to reload fewer than ten rounds, we recommend manually loading rounds of magazines to save time.

Butler Creek may create additional wear and tear on the magazine by pushing shots straight to the feed of the magazine's head. However, the wear is little in comparison to the time and work you would save.

Thermold AR15/M16 magazine charger

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The Thermold magazine charger is a stripper loader that is small, inexpensive, and simple to operate. It attaches on top of an AR15/M16 magazine to protect your fingers and thumbs from the impact of handloading. It makes putting 10 rounds into the magazine simple.

This charger can load both loose and stripper-clipped rounds. If using stripper clips, place the individual rounds on the 10-round plastic stripper clips provided. Then, with a loaded clip in the loader, press down to insert all 10 bullet points without misalignment or damage.

The magazine charger is designed for range use and only works with 22 caliber (.223-.224) cartridges. Three 10-round plastic stripper clips are included, and more may be purchased individually. It will also accommodate metal strip clips if that is what you desire.



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