Effective Methods for Eliminating the Slipperiness on Marble Floors

June 7, 2022

Marble floors are a great choice. They are incredibly durable, look fantastic, and help to create a unique and stylish feel in any room of the house. However, while the waterproof nature of marble makes it a good choice in bathrooms, the fact that water sits on marble means that it can quickly become a very slippery surface. That’s a real concern, especially if you’re stepping in or out of the shower or bath.

In short, the floor can be dangerous and you need to know how to eliminate slipperiness on marble floors:

Try An Epoxy Coating

If you take a look at the stunning array of epoxy floor coatings on offer you’re likely to find something that appeals to you even more than your marble. With a little prep work, your floor can be coated in epoxy and still look stunning.

Epoxy flooring is waterproof, stain-resistant, durable, and non-slip. That makes it a great choice for any room.

If you are concerned about covering your marble and want to keep the look, you should note there are clear epoxy coatings available. These give you the benefit of epoxy flooring while allowing you to see the marble floor underneath.

Regular Cleaning

If you prefer a more mundane way to reduce slipperiness on your marble floor then you should make sure that the floor is washed regularly.

This will help to remove spills. It’s worth noting that spills which aren’t cleaned up will stay on the floor and eventually become sticky and slippery. That’s why it’s essential to clean any spills as soon as they happen and wash the floor regularly with a mild soap.

Of course, to avoid the marble floor becoming slippery you also need to keep it dry. Leaving a floor wet is certain to make it slippery and increase the risk of accidents.

Varnish Coating

There are specialist products available that can be used to coat marble floors, in the same way that a wood varnish will protect wood. You can choose clear marble varnish and paint it over your marble floor. Make sure it is clean and dry before you add the varnish. This will protect the floor, make it less slippery, and still maintain the original look.

Add Anti-Slip

It’s also possible to polish your marble floor with an anti-slip product. You’ll need to make sure you choose one designed to work with marble flooring.

Again, you’ll need to make sure the floor is clean and dry first. Then you simply mop the anti-slip coating onto the floor and leave it to dry. It’s a great idea for your bathroom and, if you have a swimming pool, for the area around it.

Naturally, it doesn’t stop the need to clear up spills and remove water from the floor. But, it will make it safer to walk on.


If you are concerned about damaging your marble floor and don’t want to add any products to it, even though they are designed for the floor and won’t hurt it, then try rugs.

The best option is the ones that have rubber backing. These are heavy enough and grippy enough to stay in position, allowing you to step confidently on your marble floor even when you have wet feet.

Don’t forget, that using anti-slip mats in your shower can also help to prevent slips and trips. It’s a good idea to have both in your marble-floored bathroom.

Vinyl Covering

If the marble flooring is no longer appealing to you or the above options don’t appeal, it is possible to simply cover it with a different floor. If you’re dealing with a bathroom then the best option is a vinyl floor. This can be laid on top of the marble without damaging it. Vinyl is softer and warmer to your feet and offers plenty of grip. That makes it worth considering.

Of course, you could tile the floor. But, doing so means you are likely to damage the marble as it will be impossible to remove the tiles without causing damage.

Non-slip Tape

Marble flooring is often used to create stairs. It looks great but, because marble is slippery, it is not a practical choice for stairs. Fortunately, if you’re worried about this you can add grip tape to each stair. This will ensure your feet or shoes don’t slide, effectively preventing you from falling.

Of course, regardless of which approach you adopt, it’s still a good idea to proceed with caution on marble floors.


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