Factors to Consider When Shopping Cool Stand Mixer

June 22, 2022

A stand mixer is the perfect kitchen tool to help you make your favourite cookies and cakes using heavy cream instead of milk in a recipe . It's also great for mixing meatloaf, salads, and bread dough. However, there are many different stand mixers on the market today, and deciding which one will work best for you can be difficult. In this article, we will discuss factors to consider when shopping for a cool stand mixer.


The power of a cool stand mixer refers to its wattage. The higher the wattage, the more influential the appliance. A powerful machine can handle heavy ingredients like frozen fruit or bread dough without struggling or overheating. If you plan to use your stand mixer frequently or if you want it to make large batches of food at once, then choose one with a higher wattage rating.


Not all stand mixers are created equal in size, so you should pick one that fits comfortably into your kitchen space. For example, if you have very little cabinet space above your countertop or if your cabinets are deep enough to accommodate an extra-tall appliance, then look for a tall model with a tilt-back head feature that doesn't take up too much room when not in use.

Ease of Use

While some people enjoy using their hands or other utensils to mix food, others prefer using an electric mixer because it does all the work! The best stand mixers are easy to use; they have multiple attachments that allow users to perform various tasks such as kneading dough and whipping cream.


Typically, stand mixers come with 5-7 quarts, which is enough space for most recipes. However, if you want to make dough or other food items that require more mixing power, consider getting a giant capacity machine.

Speed Settings

Cool stand mixers usually have at least two different speed settings – one low and one high. The low setting allows users to mix ingredients slowly while ensuring no lumps form in their mixture, while the high setting allows them. The speed control allows you to control how fast your ingredients get mixed. If you're making bread dough, for example, then you'll want a stand mixer with several speeds so that each ingredient gets incorporated evenly without overmixing or mixing them.

Motor Type

There are two types of motors: direct drive and planetary. A planetary mixer has multiple gears that drive the beaters. Planetary mixers are usually more potent than direct-drive mixers. This is because there's more torque from the gear system, which means it takes less effort on your part to mix heavy dough or batter. You don't need one if you only want to do smaller jobs like whipping egg whites or making whipped cream. If you want to use your stand mixer for heavier tasks such as kneading bread dough or mixing cookie dough, then a planetary mixer is what you should get.

Size and Weight

Most large kitchen appliances come in different sizes, so you must get the right size for your needs. For instance, if you have limited kitchen space, smaller models will be better suited for you since they take up less space and are also lighter in weight than bigger models, making them easier to move around when needed. If storage space isn't an issue and you have plenty of room in your kitchen, bigger models will work.

Wrapping Up

If you're looking for a great stand mixer that won't break your bank account, then look no further than Breville Countertop Mixers. Breville offers a wide range of countertop mixers — from simple and affordable to advanced, multi-purpose machines. Whether baking bread or cake batter, whipping up frosting or kneading dough, Breville has an appliance that will meet all your needs!



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