Features of the purchase of real estate in Portugal

June 13, 2022

Portugal has a fairly high standard of living, stability in the economy and well-developed infrastructure, which makes it possible not only to live comfortably, but also to come on vacation. Mild climatic conditions are excellent for that, and walks along the coast of the ocean brings pleasure and peace.

Real estate in Portugal can bring a good income for their owners. The most profitable is real estate, which is located in large cities and resort areas, though the amount of investment here starts from 500 thousand euros. The country also has a special investment program, which allows obtaining a residence permit for the purchase of housing.

In what region of the country it is better to buy housing

The country has seven regions, five of which are located on the mainland, and two of them are autonomous regions located in the archipelagos. All differ in climatic conditions, population density, and of course the pricing policy for real estate.

In order to make it easier for the buyer to decide on the purchase of housing, it is necessary to know certain features of each region:

·  The Lisbon region is the most densely populated area. It has a mild Mediterranean climate - it is not very hot in summer and it is not cold in winter. The largest cities are Lisbon, Cascais and Estoril. Real estate here is one of the most expensive, but very popular.

·  Northern region - the weather in the region is more contrasting: in the summer the temperature can rise above +30, and the winter is cool with frequent rainfall. The price of housing is much lower than in Lisbon.

·  Central is a quiet, peaceful location and is great for families with children. The property prices are 2.5 times cheaper than Lisbon.

·  The Algarve is the southern part of the Portuguese coast, which has a tourist character and has a high density of buildings. In summer it is a busy area with many tourists, and in winter there is a complete lull.

·  Alentejo is full of medieval monuments and architecture. It is the cultural center of Portugal, and real estate prices are much lower.

·  Madeira (archipelago) - mild climatic conditions without particularly drastic fluctuations in temperature regime. Swimming season here is all year round, as the water is always warm, not below +17.

·  The Azores islands consist of 9 volcanic islands, there is an active volcano on one of them. Among them, the green island of San Miguel is especially popular. The island of Faial is also attractive.

The average price index in Portugal for one square meter starts from 2200 euros. You can choose budget options or more expensive ones. It all depends on the availability of financial resources of the investor. Often consumers prefer to buy property in large cities and resort areas, but in order to obtain a residence permit, you can buy housing in the interior or autonomous regions of the country.



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