Five things to keep in mind when hiring security personnel

June 9, 2022

In a perfect scenario, everyone is completely protected and doesn't require security. But, it is not an ideal world, and everyone needs some form of protection.

A security guard is responsible for protecting you and would also be responsible for your property.

You might not realize at first how important security has become nowadays. Hiring security personnel to ensure safety is important with the rising number of crimes, including robbery and homicide.

Security issues are not restricted to the home front anymore. Business organizations and offices also require security details; otherwise, it would be very easy for unauthorized individuals to get into an office building.

This would create a physical security concern and put the company in danger, as many businesses have sensitive information and data stored in their archives. Businesses would also be putting their data in jeopardy by lacking security personnel.

But hiring security personnel might not be as much of a cakewalk as it seems. There are certain factors and characteristics that you must consider to find the right security personnel for your business.


Training is one of the major factors to consider when filling security vacancies at your company. A security guard would have to perform various tasks.

The security personnel might have to use technology in the form of scanners, metal detectors, and others. These skills are a must for every security professional looking to work in any outdoor setting.

A security guard is also expected to check people and go through their belongings physically, like in an airport.

This could be a complicated task as travelers could be offended seeing a stranger fiddling with their belongings. A security guard must be trained in handling such situations and make the visitor feel comfortable.

Moreover, a security professional should be well trained in identifying suspicious objects or belongings that might prove to be weapons or harmful devices.

People and Communication Skills

A security officer should have an impeccable sense of communication. You must have seen many instances where people argue with a security guard at check-ins. Such incidents must be avoided.

A security officer should be able to communicate well with visitors. This would help in making them comply with the security formalities and processes.

Without effective communication, a commotion could occur, causing problems for the business to ensure customer satisfaction.

Effective communication also plays a significant role when conveying crucial details to the security team. Security personnel at a large-scale organization have to hold daily briefings.

Without proper dialogue, it is easy for the details to be miscommunicated, which could cause confusion and might create problems for the security team.

Effective communication is also necessary when the security officer might need to calm down people in a panicking situation.

Alertness and Physical Competence

A major part of the security personnel's duty involves being alert for any unusual or suspicious activity. A security guard might have to work in a crowded area where conditions might not be comfortable.

However, it is the guard's responsibility to stay vigilant as there is no room for mistakes when it comes to security.

A security officer must be active and prepared to deal with any situation. Being alert would help the officer tackle an unusual, unprecedented problem.

Furthermore, a security guard should have the physical competence to deal with any situation. Remember, the end goal of hiring security personnel is to protect you and your valuables.

A security guard should be physically able to deal with thieves and intruders independently. They might have to chase felons and criminals in various scenarios, so being fit certainly helps.

History of Security Company

When hiring security personnel through a security company, performing a thorough background check is important.

You must familiarize yourself with the security company and its services. There are several factors to consider when choosing a company, and some are outlined below.

  • Is security the focus of the company?

Many companies might have a diverse structure, where they provide different services like cleaning, security, and landscaping.

Such a company would not be ideal because you should be looking for a company that only provides security personnel.

  • Does the company provide proper training to its officers?

Training is imperative for security officers to perform their duties effectively, as discussed earlier. Training should be a priority for you when you hire a security company.

  • Is the company local or operates on a national level?

The level of service provided depends on the origin of the company. Each location, town, and the city has a unique culture and security issues.

A local company would be able to serve you better with such factors kept in mind.

Requirement of your Business

Each organization is unique with a unique structure. This means that different organizations have different requirements from a security officer.

For instance, a mall would require security personnel to patrol the floors and corridors. On the other hand, a drug store might require strict inspection of its visitors.

Hence, it is important to underline the key requirements that you might have from your security personnel.

Different demands would require another form of service performed by the guard. This would mean that the security personnel must be equipped properly to serve you in a specific way.

With a clear job description and responsibilities outlined, you'll be able to get the most out of your security personnel.


Hiring security personnel is a necessity for everyone these days. However, hiring a security officer is not enough.

It is important to hire a competent security guard to protect you and your valuables. It is important to employ well-trained personnel so that you can intercept any potential threats or security issues that your business might face.


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