How Glass Balustrade Can Transform Your Remodelling Dreams

June 8, 2022

Some people like to completely renovate a house as soon as they purchase it. Others do it a little at a time and some wait years before modernizing and revitalizing their home.

But, the truth is, at some point, every homeowner wants to transform their house into their dream home. The real difference today is that people are prepared to invest more in remodelling than before.

This means there are an array of options open to everyone. But, the critical part of any remodelling is the grand features that draw attention, focus the eye, and illuminate the other work you’ve done.

The Glass Balustrade Effect

Glass balustrades can be used on balconies, stairs, and even around swimming pools. They are easy to install and add a vital layer of safety to each of these areas. Part of this is due to the thickness of the glass, when using a reputable supplier of glass balustrades Sydney it will be at least 10mm thick. It’s also toughened to ensure safety.

That gives you the confidence to use glass balustrades. But, what really allows this type of balustrade to transform your home is the fact that it is see-through.

There are several distinct benefits to this:

  • Lets Light Through

Glass balustrades let the light through. That means the area beside and below the balustrade can be lit up. This increases safety in your house as there are better light levels. Critically, it also increases focus, allowing people to see the art you have created when remodelling.

  • Looks Modern

Glass has been used for thousands of years, it was evident in Roman times, which appears to be when it was first used for windows. However, the methods of production have been significantly refined and today it is possible to use it as balustrades.

Because this is a comparatively new development glass still has a very modern feel. Using glass balustrades will help your home to feel contemporary and desirable.

  • Increases Space

Thanks to the ability to let light through, any area on the other side of a glass balustrade will instantly feel lighter and brighter. This translates as feeling larger. This is particularly important when remodelling a smaller home. Being able to make it feel larger is not always easy, glass balustrades really help.

By boosting a feeling of space your home will be more appealing to you and to any visitors, or even potential buyers.

  • Can be Personalized

However, perhaps the most important part of any glass balustrade is the fact it can be personalized. You can choose your own tint colour for the glass. It’s possible to decide whether to have glass supports or complement the glass panels with steel or even wood. You can have the glass frosted in sections or even choose to have a design etched into it.

The array of options allows you to personalise any glass balustrade, ensuring it matches with the style you are creating.

Glass Balustrade Design

Naturally, there are hundreds of choices you can make when choosing a glass balustrade as part of your remodelling project. However, one thing that you should remember is that glass doesn’t have to be straight. It’s possible to make a curved glass balustrade and other features that will enhance the look and feel of your glass balustrade.

If you really want to make a statement in your remodelled home, you should consider adding a glass bridge. These are strong enough and safe enough to walk on. They can be suspended and connect different sections of the house or simply be a feature of your modern home. Whichever option you choose they are guaranteed to make a striking statement.

Don’t forget that glass balustrades can also have glass doors fitted into them, where appropriate. These add a nice touch, making an area seem more exclusive while maintaining the necessary safety and security.


Don’t forget that while glass balustrades give a contemporary feel and transform a remodelling project, they are also a practical addition. Glass balustrades allow you to see through them. That means you can sit on a balcony and be shielded from the wind while still enjoying the view. Or, you can put the balustrade around the pool and monitor the children without being inside the pool compound.

The fact that you can see through glass makes it a special feature in any home, because it is both a point of focus and has the ability to draw your eye toward something else.


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